The Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead is another excellent addition in market by Muzzy. This company has been making moderate, tried and true broadheads for quite a while and they have a name for being extraordinary compared to other brands out there for taking down the animal with accuracy.

There’s always a big debate that broadhead is better is expandable broadheads or fixed broadhead. The Muzzy Trocar turned out strong with its up to date broadhead that flies genuine and is certain to be “tough as nails”


Thick sharp edges and a strong steel ferrule make these broadheads the best decision for busting bone. You don’t need to stress over this broadhead bowing or chipping on affect and there is most likely that it’ll have the capacity to effortlessly bust through bone.

The cutting diameter is 1 3/16 inches and the head is surely going to have enough quality in the sharp edges to push through a deer or elk. The Trocar tip is strong and sharp and is an appreciated plan that will lead the head into contact. I’m eager to perceive how these perform on a prey.


Accuracy of broadheads is one of the biggest thing that matters in many fixed blades. The Muzzy Trocar is much accurate during flight and helps the consumer to get its prey.

It gives you the best accuracy up to several yards. So accuracy is one of the excellent thing.


In case you’re searching for settled edge broadhead that is made in the U.S.A. at that point the Muzzy Trocar is your head. In addition to the fact that it is ready to confront climate and shot abuse, however it’s coming from a company that has been making broadheads for quite a while.

4-Salient Features

Built for undisputed strength and accuracy, this settled sharp edge broad head accompanies a 0.035-inch-thick helix-cutting edge design that gives field-point-like precision and in addition incredibly deadly execution on diversion.

With a strong steel ferrule, well sharpened sharp edges and a 1 3-16-inch cutting ability, the Muzzy Trocar has set up itself with incredible deep insertion, gigantic blood trails and unmatched precision among fixed-blade broadheads.

  • Solid hard tip for deep penetration
  • Great customer review
  • Top product for money
  • Can be improved more


The Muzzy Trocar is a fixed-blade broadhead and well known for its various qualities. The product ensure the cutomer satisfaction and pretty good in its job.

We highly recommend this product!


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