This Mosquito Magnet MM4100 is a silent and odourless trap that attracts the aggravating pests, mosquitoes, black flies and different insect efficiently. For outdoor it is efficient and ranges up to 1 acre and can be used 24/7.


This MM4100 mosquito magnet is innovative and work excellently. With the patented Counter Flow technology it keeps the mosquitoes away from you by emitting the combination of CO2 moisture and heat.

Product Specification

  • Product Weight: 22.55 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 17.2” x 22.55” x 16”
  • Watts: 12V
  • Power Type: Electricity
  • Insect Attraction Method: Moisture, Heat and CO2
  • Body Material : Heavy-Duty Plastic
  • Range: 1 acre
  • Use: Outdoor only

Easy to Use

There is no much assembly required; it’s just a matter of few minutes. It’s quite easy to set up and operate. With the exclusive 360 degree program it provides the complete protection around all the angles of mosquito trap. The mosquito magnet offers protection up to 1 acre range.

Construction Material

It has heavy duty plastic outer body and the mosquito trap is made of marine-grade which gives it study look and ensures long lasting performance.

How it Works?

This mosquito trap duplicates the human’s sensory motion and attracts the flaying insect by emitting a combination of heat, moisture and CO2. When the mosquitoes come near to the trap they got sucked by vacuum through trap, where they dehydrates and die.

Extra Long Power Cord

The mosquito magnet comes with 50’ extra long power cord which enables you to put it around the backyard, home or wherever you want. The right place to put this mosquito killer is near the ponds, lakes and water puddles where they usually grow.

Box Includes:

  • 50 feet power cord
  • Grass Clip
  • Rigid net

It is easy to clean, maintain and use the 50’ power cord with glass clip and rigid net it enables the user to dispose dead insects easily.

  • Easy to clean, maintain and set up
  • Odour-less
  • Noise-less operation
  • Safe for kids and animal
  • Only outdoor use
  • For best result you should plug it in 24/7


This Mosquito Magnet MM4100 is an excellent product with amazingly good and reliable functionalities. It includes grass clips to tackle hazardous situations. Being safe for kid and health it offers good value for money.

We highly recommend this product!

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