Is there a connection between lisinopril and erectile dysfunction?

Doctors may find it more important to treat hypertension than to treat erectile dysfunction.

The connection between lisinopril use and erectile dysfunction is not fully understood. Studies have been carried out and show a possible link, but the results are considered inconclusive. The two are related in some ways, however, as lisinopril is used to treat hypertension, which is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

For one, most men who use lisinopril are approaching or are in middle age and are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction anyway. Since this medication is used to treat hypertension, a major contributor to sexual dysfunction, it is also possible for men who suffer from sexual problems to have them due to hypertension. The number of men who reported erectile dysfunction after starting treatment was very small, so it has been difficult for researchers to know whether the drug or other factors were the cause.

Any man, at any age, can suffer from erectile dysfunction.

For most men, lisinopril use and erectile dysfunction will not be a concern. In most cases, it is also more important to treat the underlying hypertension than to worry about sexual performance, at least during the early stages of treatment. For men who have problems, additional medications may be prescribed to improve sexual performance. Others may be given an alternative medication to treat high blood pressure.

In some cases, using lisinopril can actually cure sexual problems that were once caused by high blood pressure.

Lisinopril use and erectile dysfunction are also related because this drug treats a major cause of sexual problems. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can prevent proper sexual performance because it inhibits blood flow to the penis. For an erection to occur, the penis must be filled with blood. Decreased blood flow through constricted vessels can therefore result in sexual dysfunction.

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Lisinopril can cure sexual problems caused by hypertension.

In this way, lisinopril and erectile dysfunction may be associated because using this drug can actually cure sexual problems caused by hypertension. In many men, once hypertension is controlled, sexual performance should return to normal. If it doesn’t, another underlying health condition could be to blame. Men who are concerned about sexual dysfunction may also take longer to get back to normal.

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