Is it possible to not have body odor?

A deodorant bar.

While some people are genetically programmed not to produce underarm odor, it is not possible to have no body odor at all because humans are designed to have certain odors to attract mates, help recognize family, and more. Even if a person managed to have no body odor, that person would likely not be a healthy individual. If a person’s body odor is too strong or smelly for them, for themselves, or for other people, there are ways to reduce some smells. For example, using a deodorant or antiperpant can help control underarm odor, while more frequent washing can reduce the intensity of vaginal odor or general body odor in teenagers.

A good soap or body wash and a regular shower can combat body odor.

Many smells in the human body are beneficial in some way, and the belief that having body odors is bad or wrong is considered unique to modern humans. Both men and women’s bodies are designed to produce and release odors in an attempt to attract a partner. Even genital odors are attractive to some people, to the point that historical records show that some men asked their wives not to wash. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a couple to find each other’s sweat smells appealing. Furthermore, research shows that mothers know their babies’ unique scent, and babies know the scent of their mother’s breast milk.

Sweat should be removed with soap and water to prevent bacteria from producing unpleasant odors.

Having no body odor means having odorless saliva, sweat and genital secretions. The bacteria that help to cause odors would also have to be non-existent. People can control body odor to a degree by avoiding smelly foods, but some odors are natural and won’t go away. Even if a person thinks they don’t smell like anything, it’s only because they’re used to the subtle smell. Essentially, people can never be 100% odor-free, especially if they are breastfeeding, exercising, or even just eating regularly.

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Foot powders can help reduce foot odors.

Many hygiene and beauty products aim to reduce the intensity of odors or cover them up. Deodorant and antiperspirant are designed for underarm odors, while toothpaste and mouthwash can help lessen bad breath. Foot powders are good for reducing foot odors and eliminating shoe odors. Perfumes and colognes are some examples of beauty products designed to cover up, rather than lessen, odors. People who use some or all of these products still have body odor; is usually significantly diminished and covered up by the product’s smell.

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