In HTML, what is a title tag?

The title tag is a tag in hypertext markup language ( HTML ) that is used to identify the title of a web page. When a title is written inside the title tag, it is displayed in the browser’s reverse bar – that is, the bar located at the top of the browser. The tag is used on virtually every web page and can be used for a variety of purposes. For one, it’s one of the resources search engines use to find a web page. In addition, the title tag can also provide a short description of the web page.

Title tags contain encoding information to display the title of a web page.

A website writer can title a page by placing the appropriate text between the title tags. For example, this format –

Test Me – would be used if the writer wanted the title of a webpage to be “Test Me”. The title tag is usually placed inside the head element of an HTML document. The main element is commonly placed just before the body of the web page. This tag contains information about the web page, much of which is not displayed to the user.

Search engines often use the title tag as a way to locate web pages when a user types and searches for certain keywords. A compelling and effective headline can therefore be a huge asset to people who are trying to drive traffic to their website. Typically, the search engine converts the title into a link that connects directly to the web page it refers to. For example, let’s say there is a website called with the title “Test your pages here”. When the search engine displays this page as a result, the link to the page will be “Test your pages here”.

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Another place the title tag is commonly used is in the favorites or user favorites list. In these cases, the title is used to differentiate the web pages in the list. Each time a web page is added to the list, the user has the option to use the title or provide one of their own – which is useful when two pages have the same title. Next to the titles, there is usually a 16 x 16 pixel icon, called a favicon . The favicon, along with the title, can work together to help a user remember the content of a web page that he has added to the list.

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