How To Start An Axe-Throwing Party Business

When your friends are gathered over a game of pool and they decide to have an Axe-Throwing party, start here with some helpful tips on growing this pastime into a successful business.

Why Axe Throwing is a Good Investment

Axe throwing is a fun and unconventional way to spend an evening with friends. All it takes is a small investment of time and money, then you can start making money to help support your growing business. Invest around 400-500 bucks into the system and you will have your customers begging for more.

Starting your own axe-throwing business

Starting an axe-throwing business is an ideal startup idea after owning a successful company. To start your own business, get together with friends to practice throwing axes at a slow time in the closet of your favorite local brewery. Once you can hit the target from more than 5 feet away, invite friends to come over and give it a try. The next step is finding a friendly local bar that would be open to the idea of adding this new activity for customers' entertainment. Make sure the commercial location is willing to collaborate with you before writing your ad for volunteers on Craigslist. The advertisement will include clear instructions for how to contact you and which day/time works best for volunteers to participate.

Who can get into the game?

Choosing who is allowed to throw the axes will allow you to create an inclusive, democratic event. The objective is to eliminate as many people as possible, which inspires everyone on the team to compete against each other by seeing who can make the most dents in the wall with the axe.

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How to attract clients for an axe-throwing party business

An axe-throwing business can be a very profitable venture. In order to start this business, first create some fliers advertising your services or use social media to attract clients. You're also going to need a venue for the party, a few axes you have to rent out, mats and targets for practice, and most importantly, professional liability insurance. It's also important for new businesses and small organizations alike to offer their best customer service and prices in order to ensure high turnover with an ever-growing client base.

Creating an event marketing strategy

Becoming a successful event marketing expert is all about reaching out to the crowd who you are trying to market to. That's where event marketing strategy comes in. Event marketing strategy focuses on getting your name out there to reach as many people as possible without feeling like you have to spend a lot of money. The best way to do this: start ax-throwing parties.

Decorating and preparing for an event

The first step in hosting an event is to make sure that you have the proper decorations ready. Start with a legal block area, such as a backyard. Then buy or find decorations that are able to stand a bit of abuse, like banners and large pieces of cardboard. In order to get the most out of your location and have maximum impact for your guests, start by constructing some walls. If you don't want to do this, you will need a friend who is handy with power tools!

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Choosing equipment

Making a party business can be difficult, but there are many ways to make a profit. One way to start an axe-throwing party business is to buy all of your equipment. The cost may be high at the beginning, but the investment can be significant and last up to five years with proper use.

Setting up your venue (are you a solo entrepreneur)

If you'd like to start an axe-throwing business and throw axes with your buddies, it does not have to be very formal. You don't need a college-party venue. A gravel pit would work well; it might be nice to have a lawn for those wanting lawn games. Whether it's a few friends throwing axes or an event where participants fight disembodied spirits, a backyard setup is all you need.

Hiring staff for the night

An axe-throwing party business is a new type of entertainment business. It allows one to have fun and make money. In order to start one, hiring staff would be the first step because it takes time to build the team up and find customers. Hiring the right person is important because they need to have experience before they can become profitable. One should also make sure their employees are legally permitted to throw axes (in some states), which not all axe-throwing parties will require.

Choosing supplies for your event

One of the essential supplies you'll need at your event is giving out invites. Making a design on paper or screen-printing options will save you time and money. You should also decide how long you would like your party to run for. For example, if you want people to throw axes for 2 hours, then you'll need to purchase 75 guests or 25 axes.

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