How To Start An Audiobooks Business

Discover a new genre of writing and start an audiobooks business by listening to a blog article about how to set up your startup and a few low-entry barriers.

How I Started my Audiobooks Business

Audiobooks are becoming more popular than ever and the fact that they can make you a profit is a great reason to start selling them. There are many routes you can take when starting an audiobooks business. You could offer the service in your own home, online, or both.

What is an audiobook?

Audiobooks are a type of time-saving story that is narrated by someone. Usually, they are traditionally enjoyed in a car or over headphones while doing routine chores. They range from books to magazines and you only need an mp3 player and an internet connection to listen to audiobooks on.

Audible vs. Kindle

In this day and age, there are many different places to view audiobooks. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon that sells audiobooks through their website. It is also the largest seller of audiobooks with over 17 million customers and more than 100 million titles offered. Kindle books offer narration and can be downloaded onto smartphones as well as into computers through a PDF file.

How to Market Your Audiobooks

Audiobooks have seen a moment of popularity with the increase in podcast downloads along with their original home as downloadable mp3s. These lively, on-the-go audio files have opened up many opportunities for people to make money. One easy way to sell your audiobooks is by using CreateSpace's self publishing service. You can publish your book online and reach out to the public with social media ads and promotional events.

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Becoming an Audiobooks Publisher

Making money from audiobooks can be a difficult task but is possible with careful planning and understanding how to market your product. One way to do this could be by becoming an audiobooks publisher.

Tips & Tricks to Creating Great Audiobooks

One of the most known ways to make money and start your business is by creating audiobooks. This is because there is a continuous demand for services like this. Audiobooks are less popular and significantly harder to produce, but they can still earn money if you're working hard enough. One starting point of surefire success would be to create quality projects with captivating stories to offer that people will want.


Audiobooks are a booming business and it's about to get bigger.

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