How To Start An Astrology Business

This article is going to help you start your own business taking advange of the "lost-its" that astrology has undergone in recent years with work outsourced or the popularity of other forms of media and online marketplaces. You will be guided on how to market yourself and operate a business, what IP rights are and how to protect them, outsourcing vs commissioning freelancers, and finally how to establish a partnership.

Deciding to Start an Astrology Business

If you decide to start an astrology business you can have your own horoscope and read clients as well. You would also have time to visit with friends and family nothing a 9-5 slog every day doesn't allow for.

Ways to Attract Customers

One of the most important parts about starting a business is making sure that you have high-quality customers. This means attracting those who want to enter a new relationship or industry specifically with you. Make your badge stand out by adding cute neon stickers or their favorite astrological symbols like leo, capricorn, cancer, etc.

What Do You Need to Start an Astrology Business?

To get started in astrology, you'll need some heavy organizational skills. You might also want to decide what type of reader/community college degree you're seeking before beginning your journey. These are just a few examples of the skills and credentials that you'll need to run an astrology business efficiently.

Legal Matters and Licensing Requirements

Before getting into any kind of business, it is important to know what is required and what the legal responsibilities will be. While astrology is not a licensed profession, there are some legal requirements that the astrologer should keep in mind when starting such a business. One of them would be the requirement of becoming an Authorized Envoy of Astrology. This essentially means that the person will take care of managing all claims from people who have specific rights to use the Art as trade literature. They'll also have to make sure that publishers for books and scripts also adhere to their work so that it does not violate copyright law.

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What Do Your Customers Expect?

Know what your customers look for in an astrology business before you start to copy a successful model. Your goal is not just to sell tickets or astrology books, but to have a fully functional and valued service in place that your clients come back again and again.

5 Key Steps for Starting and Managing Your Business

Planning for your astrology business will help you determine what steps to take and what resources you might need. There are certain things that set this type of business apart from others. They typically run during the daytime hours, which often allows the owners to easily multitask, such as driving clients to appointments and setting up appointments during their lunch breaks. It also includes a variety of calls related to local space and time meaning that the owner must be comfortable with astrological terms and terminology.


When Nic took over running an astrology business, he knew there were community members online and experienced practitioners to turn to for advice. Still, there was a vision of starting his own astrology business from scratch in the back of his mind, imagining consulting services based on analysing specific natal charts and texts.

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