How To Start An Art Supply Store

Everyone has to start somewhere - when you are just beginning in the art world, finding reliable and affordable supplies can be a bit hard. Avoid owning outets by renting your product. Risk-factor your way through never investing all of your money or interest on this startup with below, and you could potentially be making money before you know it!

What to look for when opening an art supply store

It is important to find a business that offers a specific type of product that you are passionate about. You won't have the best luck starting an art supply store if you don't like what the current competition is offering or can see your audience clearly. Make sure to choose a market in your region and target returning customers, who may be looking for smaller local stores as opposed to big chains. It also helps to plan ahead, do research, and sketch out your plans before you start!

The benefits of starting an art supply store

A lot of people have nostalgic memories from their childhood when they're playing with their favorite paints and paints. Lunchboxes became canvases and socks became pencil holders. It's something that everyone has a personal connection to so why not start your own business? Although opening an art supply store is easier than you might think, there are still risks involved such as not being able to stay in business due to market oversaturation. Still interested in opening an art supply store? Read more blog articles on how to do it!

Redesign your website and blog

You know you need to refresh your business design and brand, but don't have the money you need for a new website or more blog posts. In this case, consider making an infographic that re-imagines your business's story in beautiful printable form.

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Open a brick and mortar shop

Opening a brick and mortar shop is an expensive proposition, but you may have access to a mini store near you for rent that you can use, and there are many ways to find space in stores or malls. To open your own location however, you will need a business plan as well as the equipment necessary for running one before doing anything else.


The number of artists around the country continues to grow, but finding a qualified art supply store is easier said than done, which has given rise to entrepreneurs wanting to change that. These entrepreneurs would love to help more of their fellow artists, and take on the challenges of brick and mortar stores.

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