How To Start An Art Restoration Business

The article starts by explaining the concept of an art restoration business with the help of a US army soldier's story. In the story, he talks about being stationed in Germany during his time serving and trying to restore paintings that were damaged in Nazi bombings. It also includes a step-by-step process of how to get started in this type of business.

Reasons to Consider Art Restoration

Many people are interested in the idea of preventing the immediate need to paint their house when they realize that they live near a building that could only be repainted at great cost. It might come as no surprise, then, to learn that art restoration is very popular. The market for this service has grown, and people who like taking on projects themselves without any help from others for highly demanding jobs can do so by becoming independent restorers.

Overview of the Market

Individuals or companies who are interested in restoring art should decide how they want to approach their business. The two main types of art restoration businesses are conservation and administration. Conservation focuses on preserving the original art while administers serve as a curator for the restoration process.

What You Will Need

To start your own restoration business in art, you will need to just about everything because it is a very specific industry. It is imperative that you send the paintings out for processing so that you can actually get paid for their restoration...asking your friends and family members for money might be easy enough but won't work if you want to make any money from your art.

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Start your Business and Pros

If you're interested in starting an art restoration business, choosing the right type of location may be the first step. You can establish your business inside a home or even in a commercial gallery space. You also need to decide what kinds of services and products you will offer. The best way to see what is needed is to look at the trends and types of work that other businesses nearby offer.


If you love the arts, you might be interested in starting your own type of business. If that's the case, check out How to Start an Art Restoration Business. It will show you what resources are available in your area and how to start your new business.

Getting Started with Fundraising & Marketing

It is actually fairly easy to start an art restoration business on a small scale because there isn't a lot of competition. You have the opportunity to own your own temporary studio, which you can rent out or sublease to provide job opportunities for the staff members you bring in later. You don't even need much startup capital. Some businesses may want your help with marketing and impact branding early on.


What I found is people who are looking for a professional and affordable restoration business. They are not being cheated. Some of them do not even like the job and require tons of maintenance costs because they don't care about spot conservation or how their carpet looks as long it doesn't have any holes in it.

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