How To Start An Antique Store

If you are interested in becoming an Antique dealer or if you have been thinking of starting your own business, start with the basics and opening your very own antique store! The simplicity of the process can be overwhelming to some though and this piece provides insight into what it takes to start a shoppe.

When do you want to start an antique store?

If you want to start your own antique store but aren't sure when is the best time, you can start by discussing it with family and friends who are running similar stores. This will help you get a sense of what is working for them, what isn't, and what people are willing to buy at different times in the year. From there, you can create a plan for your store based on this information.

Where will your antique store be located?

A common question to ask when starting a new business is ''Where will my store be located?''

What are the benefits of being an antique store owner?

Perusing a whole new antiques store is reminiscent of the 1800's. There's nothing quite like walking into a long forgotten store with wall mirrors and old fashioned rolled up blinds. Shoppers at these stores are usually bound by the thrill of finding something that one might not expect to see in a store like this, such as decorative objects, children's clothing, vintage A/C units, or antique farming equipment.

What types of items will you sell at your antique shop?

There are five different types of items you can sell at your antique shop. These include: furniture, artwork, decorative accessories, jewelry, and other antiques. Each item has a unique deal so be sure to have something for everyone. It's difficult to start an antique store if you're not sure what type of items you'll sell but it is also possible. Installing a new item in your store might bring more customers or make people interested in buying your current items. By selling each type of item at your store, you're giving people options and making sure that they love their visit.

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How much should you charge for a certain item?

Businesses make rules and regulations for themselves. They are in place to keep the enterprise safe, transparent, and sensible as well as to protect their assets. Costs fluctuate on a day-to-day basis depending on the market, but there are some guidelines that can help a potential business flourish from the start.

What would it take to start an antiques store today?

To obtain a business license, an owner needs to file an application (with the correct documents) with the local government and pay $2. Once approved, they can deduct the cost of the business license from rent or anything owed to city hall. You can apply for three-year provisional license if needed.


To decide if starting an antique store is the next step for you and your business, you'll have to take some time to compare different options. Some factors that might be worth considering are: -Whether or not it is possible to find a brick-and-mortar space -The cost of investing in and opening a store -How many hours per week your main employee can devote to running the business -Your personal skills When the effort, costs, and benefits are weighed against each other, it’s best to make this decision based on what you feel is right, given your priorities during this stage of life and future plans.

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