How To Start An Angel Investment Firm

A resource to help you start up your own investment firm. Some questions this article will answer are what are angel investment firms, how do they make money, and what are the qualities of an angel investor.

What is an angel investor?

Angel investors are very similar to venture capitalists. They invest in technology companies that have yet to produce any revenue and offer their assistance in exchange for a stake. Angel investors include wealthy individuals and large companies, offering support at different levels of the business.

How to start your own angel investment firm

The first step to starting your own angel investment company is finding a wealthy individual interested in investing their money into the company with you. You should find this prospective investor through their connections and advice from other investors who have agreed to do the same. Once you find someone who compliments your vision for your startup, get approval from that person and then give them two million dollars as equity for their investment in the company.

Tips on how to succeed as an investor

There is currently a huge demand for investors who have the experience and knowledge in the investment world. The first key to success would be to figure out what you are good at. Are you good at identifying trends and determine specific profit opportunities that require your attention? Or are you good at marketing, pricing and sales? If you're skilled in finance, then this is the best career option for you.

Sample Angel Investment Firm Documents

The documents of an investing firm should be filed with the SEC and should detail what type of stocks the firm is interested in. They should also explain how many partner members there are and describe the responsibilities each of them has. For example, when it comes to an angel investment firm in this article, their document will mention that they have three partners and one project manager who is responsible for portfolio management. They will also disclose the specific industries and companies where they do business with.

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