How To Start An Airsoft Field

There's never been a better time to start your own Airsoft Field! In these past few years, Airsoft's popularity has skyrocketed and you can take advantage of this with running your very own FPS Field or sniper arena. Let's see the benefits of stepping into this new era of Gaming then get those fields up and running.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a game where participants fire soft projectiles. The game began in Japan and quickly gained popularity. In the United States, two of the largest associations that represent airsoft players are the Academy of Model Airplane Pilots (AMA) and Civilian Airsoft Association (CAA).

The 9 Components of an Airsoft Field

An airsoft field requires 9 components to create a playing field in which players can engage. Some of these include: target areas, obstacles, shelters, dugouts, port-a-fields and bunkers. Furthermore a target area includes markers that work as guides for landing strips and lines fields called link zones.

Planning for an Airsoft Field

Planning for your own Airsoft field is not a difficult task, but it does take some time. Most people think this can be done in just a few days. Your first hurdle is to formulate rules for creating and playing the game. The typical age limit will depend on what type of Airsoft guns are used in your area.

Do I need a Business License?

It is important to know what it takes to officially start a private game, otherwise you may hold many meetings, tour facilities, get a stamp, and pay over $500 in taxes that are mandatory. Before going through all of this trouble, ask yourself these questions: -Is there air soft equipment needed? -Do I need taxes? -Do I need a business license? -Do I want liability insurance? -Will there potentially be a place for the field owner to live on site in case the game lasts longer than anticipated?

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How to Apply for a Business License

Company's are often required to apply for a business license if they're operating in a particular area, and it is generally done so out of respect for the law. Most cities have an authorized business license issuer that manages this process and allows people to register online with their information. Once you've registered, you need to file an application packet to submit. This packet should include all materials needed for identification, such as pictures and contact information of those running the business.

How to Start the Legal Process for your Field

After considering many options, the newest members of the SWAT team decided to start a community-operated Airsoft, Paintball, and SWAT field in south Pasco County. Luckily for them, it was pretty easy to get started if you're willing to jump through some hoops. First thing's first, you need a business license from the county. The problem is that this process can take a few weeks or more depending on any other businesses or parties who are trying to challenge the approved license. Secondly, because they will be using an unmarked public road, they need permission from Harris County Public Works and Fort Bend County PD airsoft liaison Officer Sands who was very helpful in giving them all of their permissions needed right away!

How to Get Started with Airsoft as a Hobby

One way to start an airsoft field is by contacting a local law enforcement agency. If that is not possible, then the supplier can get them up and started. When installing a field, make sure that it has enough obstacles that would stun if someone stumbled into them. The Field will also need enough room for all of the players to run around, fire their weapons, and deploy from without worry of getting shot.

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Most airsoft fields require a permit from the appropriate governing bodies. That's because, in certain areas, taking a BB gun into public means you're required to have a .22 rifle with you as well as other safety precautions. Once you've obtained your permit and set up your field, all you need to do is purchase some supplies, such as targets and paintballs, start advertising your new field, buy airsoft guns for everyone at the field to use (as long as they're within legal age), and let the fun begin!

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