How To Start A Hair Extensions Business

An overview of the benefits, limitations and resources for starting a hair extension business.

What is a hair extensions business?

Hair extensions are meant to be an extension of your natural hair that adds extra volume and length. Someone would just need to come along and simply add the extensions to the hair because they're removable usually. The reasoning behind the need for a hair extension is that people often have too little of one or both of these attributes when coming out of the shower, or at home before getting ready for work or school. Hair extensions often take away from your time, but it could easily be justified by looking good all day long.

Types of Businesses

The hair extensions industry is a growing and well-recognized field. There are several ways to go about starting a hair extensions business. One way is to find someone who wants to sell their own products and inventory. Another thing one could do is finding someone who has an add-on salon of their own that they are looking to sell and buy the inventory that comes with it. Yet another option is to purchase your own storefront, making your products in house, or even manufacturing them yourself through fabrication for your own brand.

Start A Hair Extensions Business

It can be difficult to start out in a hair extensions business and make a living doing it. There are many things you can do to realize success, not the least of which is obtaining an s-t-a-t-e of incorporation. If a city grants you your own state, that means you're allowed to take out bank loans, expand your shop, and be happy about your revenue stream. Being awarded an s-t-a-t-e can make running your hair business easier and more profitable for both you and your potential clients.

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Targets for your Hair Extensions Business

When starting a hair extensions business, where do you concentrate your attention? One is the sales and marketing representatives who are responsible for picking out potential clients and promoting your hair extension business. They must be outgoing, smart, and good with words because they'll be responsible for taking orders and conducting research to determine what types of hair extensions people want. These individuals should also have drive and determination to take on any new tasks that may arise throughout the day.

Supply and Demand

Different types of ownership, like a salon or boutique typically charge high-end clients and keep cheaper clients. Some hair extension business plans also require new customers pay a fee that is sometimes refundable or lenient if they decide not to continue their service. A good way to plan with the potential competition would be to make eyelash extensions. These services are very popular and demand is not in high places. While it's not guaranteed that this market will last long into the future, it's possible since there have been no major legal changes that leads to its demise.

Licensing Requirements

There are varying legal requirements for the author to fulfill in order to operate a hair extensions business. For example, an author of a book or website on how to care for natural hair must have special banking rights because they make health claims about their advice. The same goes for those who make templates and sell ad space on products.

Legal Issues

Figuring out how to run a successful hair extensions business is difficult since you need to be careful about what you can and cannot legally market. Numerous state and local agencies regulate the craft, so you may even want to consult with a lawyer to make sure that everything is done properly. There are many options for people looking to start their own extensions trade includes going on Etsy and selling your own designs, or starting a hair styling side hustle and promoting it online and through word of mouth to keep selling throughout the month.

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Financial Analysis

As with all businesses, startups need to be financially prepared for the possible obstacles that come with running a business. However, sometimes it's not practical to do this as soon as you open your doors because it can take years to see the company financially based on economic conditions. So before you invest your money in an idea that's unrealistic, do a financial analysis of your startup by evaluating and detailing each cost, revenue source, and opportunity that is feasible.

Marketing Plan

As a new start-up company, you're going to need to invest some time and money into marketing. You can create different marketing kits based on where your customers will be located. For example, if you sell in West Coast countries like the United States and Canada, your marketing kit might use information about drugs. On the other hand, if you primarily sell on the East Coast in countries such as China or Japan, you'll need information about political issues. Use whatever sounds most interesting and relevant to your customers' locations. Also put together an easy hit list so that no one in your team forgets what needs to be done at any given time.


The biggest obstacle when it comes to starting a hair extensions is the cost of supplies. The hair needs to be curled and prepared in order to attach to the extension being made, and this takes time because many hours of labor are needed.

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