How To Start A Glass Etching Business

With glass etching, a studio gets to make and create customized pieces of art with glass designs, vases, mirrors, or other pieces they can shape into their imagination. Learn how to start a glass etching business in this informative blog post that covers some helpful tips and useful advice.

Basics of Etching

The basics of etching involves two glass panels and a little bit of water. To start a successful business, four other things may help: decoration glass, etching pens, paint thinner, and acid. Glass is the most common material that people typically use in decorating something with an etching-based design

Choosing a Business Type

Entrepreneurship is one of the hottest careers today because it allows people to work from home, manage their time, and have a flexible schedule that works for them. Entrepreneurship can be a tough career choice for many people because of all the information that can get confusing and overwhelming.

How to Get Started with Glass Etching

Etching your own designs on glass is a great way to make unique gifts for loved ones. It can be completed easily by any skill level, but for the best results a professional etcher should be hired. To start off, it is best to clean off the area where you would like to start the design. Make sure that the surface is completely free of uneven areas or contaminants like dust and dirt. Afterwards, use sealant tape to cover any large edges before using a dry erase markers to draw your chosen design. There are many different ways one can create designs; including designing smaller patterns as well as letters and words.

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Equipment Needed for Glass Etching

To start, you need two large tubs. The first should have mixing and dipping equipment, either bought from a glass company or rented from a local quarry. A smaller tub can be used for prep work such as cleaning the glass and knife scratching out the design that you want etched onto it. You need to buy a compressor, pumps, gauges, needle valves, brazing torch, argon gas regulators (if going with professional tools), acetylene cylinders, torches(open-wick), nichrome wire rods and ends(spare for torch rewinding), coiled tubing, fiberglass sticks for touch-ups and extending your etching reach(if needed).

Must Haves and Items to Consider Before Starting Your Business

In order to have a successful business, there are many essential tools that need to be in place. - Glass Etching Tools: includes grindstone, different colors of etching glass, small needle nose pliers, razor blade and jars. - Electricity Requirements: includes power outlet to plug in grindstone, power surge protector for work space (WARNING: use a surge suppressor that works with 110V) - Materials: compressor machine, 360 grit sanding bench top pad and EZ 100 grit aluminum oxide/silicon carbide disc/abrasive paper.

Making the Most of the Time You Spend Working on Your Business

You have to make a plan before you start, but be sure that you are efficient with your time. Suggestions for saving time: 1. Set digital timers on all tasks 2. Keep your desk neat 3. Enlist the help of others 4. Pace yourself through preparing materials - in the morning, spend 2 hours and take 2 breaks

Resources for Help

There are many ways to find someone interested in buying one of your creations, but you will have more success if you can parlay any enthusiasm for what you do into a real business.

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There are many ways to start a glass etching business, but for some of them you will need artistic abilities. Many people pursue that with graphic design courses. Start by working from home from first and make sure until you can find your niche online before deciding to work from a kiosk or gallery. It is worth mentioning the work ethic and skill level needed to succeed if it comes down to the deciding factor over something like cash flow.

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