How To Start A Beekeeping Business

Just because you want to start an outside business doesn't mean your day job should be the one to go. Read this guide on how to make a living working as a hobbyist beekeeper.

Why Starting a Beekeeping Business?

You might be asking yourself why you should start a beekeeping business. If you think it's just because you love bees, then that's probably not the right answer. The answer is quite simple, actually: honey. Beekeepers can harvest many pounds of honey each year by using this one simple method. Honey production takes care of itself as long as the

Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies

In order to start a beekeeping business, you need to buy some equipment and supplies. You will also likely want to take a beekeeping course in order to properly care for the bees. Depending on how many hives you have and what types of crops you plan on growing, you may need different pieces of beekeeping equipment. In order to avoid any mishaps when handling your bees, make sure that you are wearing properly fitting gloves.

Location and Rentals

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on what location you want to make your beekeeping business. It is important to take into account where the bees will be most active and where they will help with pollination. Wherever your bees will be active, also consider if there is an existing beekeeping nonprofit that provides land or resources for beekeepers.

How to Start Your Hive

One way of starting a beekeeping business is by purchasing wild honey. Another is to produce and sell your own quality honey from native bees that reside in the area near your home. Once you finish off any honeycombs in the bees' hive, you can harvest it for sale to local customers and farmers with a plan for future produce. Setting up a small-scale beehive anywhere within a five-mile radius will attract honeybees to your property which will give you an opportunity to make money as they pollinate leaves, crops, and flowers.

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Honey and Other Products of the Hive

A beekeeper needs to buy both bees and honey in order to sell their product. There are groups that provide each part of the equation for new beekeepers such as Buying Bees for a Beekeeping Business, Honey Bees, How To Make Your Own Insect Repellant, Organic King County Honey, and Sell Honey from your Hive

Businesses That Sell Bees

There are many different types of businesses that can make you money. Unlike landscaping or construction companies, beekeeping is a low-cost business to get into. There are lots of ways you can incorporate the bees into your other starting up project. One example is by selling honey in your restaurant.


My trip to the supermarket that year was a revelation. Delving into what people usually do with hived bear, I found myself amongst suburbanites who were losing hives numbering in the tens or at least a couple of hundred. Each hive by itself could have had an incredible yield, but there wasn't a hive within 50 miles of me that wasn't having pros and cons with the fate of their bees.

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