How To Start A Beard Product Business

It can seem overwhelming to start a new business with no experience. If you're someone who's preparing to take the leap, don't fret because algorithms and AI have made it easier for anyone to bring their idea to life.

What is a Beard Product Business?

A beard product business is a company that produces and sells grooming products to men. Traditionally, barbershops would provide a variety of these products but the shift toward online shopping has allowed many people to sell their own. The more successful businesses can have a significant presence that they sell internationally, while others deliver to just their area. Those in the industry have estimated that there could be more than ten million beardsmen in America alone.

Types of products

There are many different types of product types that a beginner in the beard or shaving industry can sell on Amazon. Some examples are beard oils and beard lubricants, mustache waxes and goo, men's razors, and beards and mustaches accessories.

Do's and Don'ts

Beard products are typically desirable as a business because they are being sold in a different industry with many customers that don't require the traditional experience required to attract best-seller status.

Proprietary Products

That is a good question! How can or shouldn't you start a beard product business? That's because different people have their own ideas about what would be appropriate. Some people may think the company should develop and retail the product themselves. Others may think they should sell bulk starter kits in order to attract clients and supporters. A third idea could be to go through commissioning a marketing expert, with no expertise in looking after other peoples facial hair

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Monetization Models

Providing a market need is a common tactic in business. A must-need product will often be supplied by the competition, so businesses must find something unique to differentiate their brand. Monetization models are one way companies like Beard Product can make a profit while they establish their market presence. One option is creating their own beard oil, selling it at a premium price and providing educational information about how to take care of a beard. The second option is allowing retailers to create stores for other companies products such as beard oils and razors, so customers without access to another retailer have no excuse not to buy from them.


There are endless opportunities for new products in the beard product industry. There are many products that can be made to grow beards, which is a growing market just waiting for any entrepreneur with sufficient capital to come in.

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