How To Start A Baseball Hitting Coach Business

Are you an athlete that has the passion and drive to coach your favorite team? It can be tough to start out as a baseball hitting coach when you have no experience, but don't worry- I'll show you how. This blog article will help give you a road map on starting off in this new industry.


The best way to make a real statement in the world of sports is through winning. However, athletes also need coaches who can help them work on their weaknesses. Providing coaching services to professional and collegiate teams has given Cody Barth a second source of income that he enjoys. He now helps aspiring coaches aspire through teaching them how to run their own baseball hitting coach business as part of his online real estate company.

What is a Baseball Hitting Coach Business?

There are a lot of leagues and organizations in different parts of the United States that need coaches to teach bat-handling skills, field positioning, ball strategy, and other baseball related skills. A coach might be needed to help train up-and-coming talent and instruct players on advanced plays or serve as a clinic instructor. There is a huge market for these services and coaches can either sign year long contracts or take on individual coaching jobs on an hourly basis as desired.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Baseball Hitting Coach Business?

It is possible to start an hit coaching business in many different settings. Base-On-Bases tend to be the most popular as it is a great opportunity to both get paid and have an opportunity to teach players at a learning center. Hit coaching students can either sign up through the school or they can request a lesson.

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How to Get Started

One way is to get started by finding a sports store near you and buying the items on your list.

Starting a Baseball Hitting Coach Business with Lifestyle Products

You can start a baseball hitting coach business with lifestyle products capturing the attention of your clients. You're not competing against people that produce "baseball skill" coaches anymore and there are over 1 million million active users on social media outlets and about 511,000 follower's Instagram page.

Marketing Opportunities for a Baseball Hitting Coach Business

Second Base Coach is a company that specializes in teaching batting and pitching. There is a wide variety of marketing opportunities for them. Marketing as a coach may include public speaking, hosting tournaments, cheerleading, coaching youth leagues, offering a variety of instructional videos, attendance at training camps to teach hitting fundamentals, or play at the grand slams.


Employees of a Hitting Coach Business need to know how to keep as much and information they can. This will not only help them teach others a thing or two, but will also make it easier for them to reach their goals in the long run. It is also important for them to be able to communicate effectively with the customers because if they aren't understanding what they are being told then they won't want the service. One key way a Hitting coach business can do this is by providing speed drills that focus on pitching and slugging mechanics as well as offensive skillets.

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