How To Start A Bar

Addicting Info investigates the little-known bar start-up path, which seems to be gaining momentum in recent years. From Craigslist for bars to hiring sous chefs and opening locations, check out the ways to make owning a bar easier than ever before!

Why open a bar?

Many people go into the business of owning a bar because they want to make money or they are attracted to the idea of meeting new people. Some might decide that running a bar is not for them, and instead would like to invest in one instead. This blog describes every reason why it can be worth opening such a business, from gaining experience and knowledge to earning extra money and even making friends worldwide.

Where do I start my bar?

Starting a bar is similar to starting any business—having a deep knowledge of your product, understanding your customers and seeking advice from the people who have some experience in starting a business. All of these steps are necessary before any business can start running smoothly.

How much money will I need to start my bar?

There are a few factors that all affect how much money it will take to start a bar. Some of the more significant factors are operating hours, number of staff members, amount of real estate needed and types of liquor available.

How long does it take to start a bar?

It takes a while to start a bar, LLC depends on the size and location. For example, you could have 4 people starting an LLC in Laguna Beach to create a new sushi restaurant at a cost of $1,000 in each state for the first year. You should also keep your business's profits and losses properly documented and file taxes annually if your tax rate is above ten percent.

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What type of beverage should be in my bar?

It's time to think of your dream bar that's perfect and all-inclusive. Look at what you like and what styles you have an affinity for when thinking about the perfect drink or an overall theme.

Do I have to have a food menu or can I go with the straight shot type of drinks like beer and wine served on tap

A bar where you can only order drinks and have to pay additional for food is considered a liquor only or shot-only bar. These types of bars make it easy to offer individualized shots that you hand out on request. Since they don't offer food, they serve wines, draft beers or other light spirits.

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