How To Start A Balloon Distribution Business

If you're a third-grade kid with a few coins to spend, this might be the most exciting thing you could do with them. Today, American kids can buy enormous number of balloons from their neighborhoods for just one dollar.

What is a balloon distribution business?

A balloon distribution business is a business that distributes balloons in public. There might be many types of businesses that distribute balloons in public, but they all do the same thing. The company receives a shipment of unused party balloons and, instead of letting them go to waste, they give them to children and adults who may need inspiration at different times. They might also use these balloons for fundraising events and birthday parties.

Know your target market

Balloon distribution is product based, so before beginning a business you should be aware of of your target market. The target market for this type of business is children, families, and other celebratory occasions. By knowing what kinds of people you want to sell balloons to, you'll be able to focus on the best type of balloons for the target market and enhancing their experiences with them.

Find a niche

Find a niche and sell through it. If you want to start a balloon distribution business then find events that people can go to, whether they are games, dances, or parties. People enjoy getting balloons as part of their gift bag. Use your promotional tactics to get the word out that you have the best balloon companies there are.

How to find suppliers for balloons

Balloon distribution companies typically sell a large variety of different types of balloons. It is important to find supplier barrels that can provide a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes. Companies might be bargaining for cheapest price per barrel.

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How to start a marketing campaign

Marketing is the most important aspect to any business, so it is important to know the necessary steps in order to start one. When it comes to marketing, balloons can be a creative way to promote your product with bright colors and smiling faces. When marketing with balloons, having a designated person who will only hand out your balloons after first asking for permission can help ensure that your flyers fly more efficiently. Having strategically placed geofences around where you'll be handing out your balloons will prevent unwanted flyers from landing on other properties.

What are the resources I should have?

Getting your own business off the ground is difficult task, but it can be made easier by starting slowly and with plans in place. Your first step should be setting up your company's official website. Make sure you have your business name, logo, a working email address on the site for people to contact you, and key features of your product or service listed. Next, go out and promote yourself! This is where books like "How to Start a Business Fast" really come into their own. Search using keywords related to your product or service on internet search engines such as Google to find blogs written by experts in that field that might write about you directly in order build up interest before launching your blog later. Reach out to these bloggers to ask for advice on how you can improve your efficiency and visibility in the market without breaking the bank. Further refine your model based on insights from these bloggers: what will fit organically into their model; what they value enough not to pay for; etcetera!

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Planning your route and marketing strategy

If a business is going to be successful, it starts off with planning. If you don't plan your route and marketing strategy well enough, it will never work. It's just not possible for a balloon distribution business to come up overnight and start bringing in the bacon. There are many factors that must be prepared before getting started.

Maintaining your business

Businesses require your full time attention. A balloon company would be no different and would require you to create a website, marketing plan, customer service standards, as well as other common business management strategies.


One way to start a new business is by providing an important product or service that hasn't been seen before. This can give you success right away, which shows investors and customers that the high-quality of your product provides a desirable need, like no other competitor can provide to the market at this time.

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