How to make a toiletry bag?

For most people it can be a little complex to find a place to carry beauty or personal hygiene items when traveling or simply being away from home for long periods of time.

This one article type is normally worn by women since inside these small bags can be placed bottles in which creams, perfumes, scissors, brushes or any other element that can serve not only for beauty but also for personal hygiene.

hygiene bags may have different things inside of them, some people who need to take medication constantly can use them to carry all their medication with them wherever they go, of course you can find some that are for exclusive use.

Over time, they evolved to make things easier to transport, because it was not easy to transport a wooden box to everywhere, despite being responsible for offering great protection, it was not easy to transport, so the materials of the hygiene bag were changed until they could be more comfortable.

How to make a toiletry bag?

In case you want to make a makeup bag, It is recommended that the fabric used is canvas as it can be easily washed off in the event of an accident and a few splashes of makeup.

Materials to be used;

Two canvas fabrics paste interface Zipper scissors and pencil

For that , it is important to follow the following steps :

Step 1.- Cut the fabrics for the bag

Cut the fabric to the size of the bag you want. Once cut, it is necessary to cut a lining of the same size, which can be similar fabric or soft fabric.

Step 2.- Sew the fabrics joining the lining to the outside

Once you have everything cut out, you can glue the lining to the inside of the fabric that will be on the outside.

Step 3.- Sew the zipper and turn the bag

When it’s already dry it’s time to put the zipper on the top and you can start sewing the outer fabric, both fabrics face each other and are sewn once ready, the bag is turned over to put the finishing touches .

Step 4.- Cut the excess wires and that’s it!

It is important that, once turned, any lines that may stick out are trimmed so that they last longer.

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How to make a toiletry bag without a zipper?

The toiletry bag is something that is still used every day because it is an element that allows people to carry items considered necessary with them, so for a lady the use of a menstrual hygiene bag seems very reasonable.

Of course, as it is something that can be made at home, its usefulness can vary, as it can be used as a card holder. taking the correct measurements or for anything else the person can think of.

The materials to be used;

2 canvas fabric rectangles for the outside 2 patterns according to the pattern for the lining 1 rectangle for the button 1 button scissors and thread

To successfully perform the creation of a zippered toiletry bag the following steps can be followed:

Step 1.- Join one of the outer rectangles to the button rectangle

Take one of the outer rectangles and with the button rectangle fold it into strips of 1cm each, in the middle of the fabric the rectangle for the button is fixed, it is important that it is done on the front of the fabric.

Step 2.- Sew the fabric of the bag and the lining

The fabrics must be placed facing each other, 3 of the 4 ends must be sewn, the same must be done with the lining, they will be in the form of bags, it is necessary to place one inside the other.

Step 3.- Sew the lining to the outer fabric of the bag

One must be fixed with the other by means of pins, then the ends must be sewn, once ready they are turned and the lining will be inside and the other fabric outside.

Step 4.- Shape it into an envelope and sew the button.

It is necessary to fold everything so that it has the form of an envelope, it is determined at what level the button will be, it will be sewn and ready.

How to make a zipper bag?

When you are going to make a hygiene bag, it is important be clear about the size and materials so that they are the best possible, because if it is for medication you can use any type of fabric, but if it is for makeup you can use a smaller, resistant fabric.

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Materials to be used;

Fabric for the outdoors, it is recommended that they are resistant fabrics such as canvas, jeans, micro velvet or others of this style. The lining, this will be the inner part where you can use plain cotton or cotton that has prints. bag pillow The zipper to easily open and close the bag Thread to be able to sew whatever is needed

To successfully create a a bag with a zipper you can follow these steps:

Step 1.- Cut the fabric following the pattern

The outer part is cut according to the pattern, so that you can cut the inner lining part and the filling.

Step 2.- Sew the Hygiene Bag seams

To make the outer part, the fabric must be placed one on top of the other, but both facing each other and sewn in the seam area.

Step 3.- Lay out and iron the fabric

Once one side has been sewn, the fabric must be fully spread and ironed.

Step 4.- Make the lining and attach it to the bag

One of the sides must be extended into the fabric of the lining so that the measurement can be made, once it is ready it is cut and can be glued to the inside of the fabric, of course it is recommended that it be sewn so that it remains fixed.

Step 5.- Sew the fabric where the zipper will pass

To put the zipper it is necessary to take a piece of fabric that must be from the outer lining, it must be a little wider than the zipper because it will be sewn in both corners, once ready you can cut the excess on both sides.

Step 6.- Sew the zipper upside down

The zipper must be placed on the opposite side of where it will be glued, that is, the closure upside down, when it is fixed, the lining must be placed over it.

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Step 7.- Flip the toiletry bag together with the zipper and you’re done

Once it’s ready, just turn it over and the zipper is ready to use, you have to attach the other part of the bag and that’s it.

How to make a bag with pockets?

Often a bag with pockets It’s really useful, especially when it’s about carrying baby stuff as there is also more space in some compartments in which items that are transported can be separated.

You can also get other types of toiletry bags which are those that have internal partitions, they allow that things are divided into compartments for example, having tissues in one place and the baby’s milk in another.

The materials to be used;

outdoor fabric clothing interlining Inner lining fabric Zipper

To fulfill this need you can follow the following steps :

Step 1.- Cut the fabric and lining of the bag

Cut the outer fabric to the size you want, once ready you can cut the inner part in one go.

Step 2.- Sew the outside of the bag and the lining

The fabric is placed facing each other, both on the outside and on the lining, once ready, 3 of the 4 edges can be sewn since the fourth edge, which would be the outside, is where the zipper will be placed. .

Step 3.- Sew the outer fabric to the lining and then sew the inner pockets

Once you have a kind of bag, you must join the outer and inner fabric, inside the lining is placed so that the separators can be made, each sewn with a distance of 5 cm.

Step 4.- Turn the bag over and sew the zipper

When it’s ready, it can be rotated so everything is ready, the zipper is attached and the handles can be sewn on the sides so you can take it wherever you want.

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