How to make a story?

Telling a story is not an easy task, so much so that there are several narrative and literary genres to do it, the writer and whoever chooses how he wants to convey his idea to the reader, one of these forms is a story, a resource for telling a story. story, stay with people reading, generally expected to be short and shocking.

If you’re looking for what to do to write a story, you’ve come to the right place. in this article we will show you all the steps you should follow to write them, as well as all the information you should take into account, so that I know and learn how to write a story.

How to make a story?

When you write a story, the first thing you need to do is poke around or read, do it, take it through your story and read it at the end, well, this is usually the hardest part of the quest, which is why in this section you will find some tips to start your stories successfully.

Step #1.- Discover an important character in the story✔

Start by uncovering a character in the story his physical characteristics are the best option, so that the reader has an idea of ​​what he is like, try to ensure that this character has a decisive role in the story for the reader or do . don’t lose sight of it in history. rest gives reading.

Step #2.- Describe for the final dinner✔

It starts with a final dinner, because it needs to create a shocking ending that the reader will wonder how it got to that situation, and it will start off unusual at this point, but it works for many writers, helping you snoop or the reader with the rest of the story. history going backwards.

Step #3.- Start with an important dinner in history✔

Describing an important dinner told through two characters, this helps the reader to connect with the story as it is like the narrator of the story starting by going directly to him as in a conversation.

Example of how to write a story:

Description of the story’s character ;

“Mr. Darrel was a tall man, tall as a tower, with shaggy red hair and something invisible that was always moving. his guide directly trembled or paced everything and he didn’t know why. -Good Morning! Miss Black, how is it in the morning?

The words echoed as soon as his trial, and he Couldn’t stop sniffing through her quivering head like…”

It starts with the final dinner ;

And then the two kids jumped in, we all knew it was a little bottom however, they, or the people of Vila Sem Trastro, did not know that he lived in the souls of these children, we didn’t know their motives and could never understand them…”

Start with an important dinner ;

“Flowers, Dona Wood always loved flowers, like every day, I left the house at 7 am, I walk all over the streets and I go to the flower shop; It’s from the daisy boqués, Margarita Wood, named after the prettiest woman on the block.

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However, this day my daisies didn’t make it to the flower shop, and I, alone, with no time and no courage, or what would I say to Mrs. Wood?

write a story

I know that stories are longer than a story, shorter than a novel, and that one of their main characteristics is specific, So, in this section, I’ll give you some tips so you can start writing awesome stories and engaging. . or reader

#1: Write about a topic that interests you

It’s vital, you can find inspiration in things you likes, like travel, people, a dream you had or an idea that crossed your mind that you didn’t expect.

#two: Keep in mind what you want to do to the reader

Ask yourself if you want to make him laugh, keep him in suspense at the end, make him laugh out loud reflect for days on your story and write it, keep that goal in mind.

#3: Slightly in the figure of the narrator, what will it be like?

When writing a story, there is usually a narrator, someone who tells the story and whoever reads it sees it with their eyes, it is important that you know who it will be so that the reader connects with it and becomes addicted to it. story.

#4: Decide or end the story

It usually will help build the story in a smoother way as you know where you are going however, your ending may go through some transformations as you go along with the writing, so don’t worry.

#5: choose how to start

Decide the beginning of the story, for this you can base yourself on the advice we gave in the previous sections you can start the story hook and keep the reader connected to it.

#6: You’ve set steps, it’s time to write!

Follow these tips and see how your story starts to take shape. when you’re done, leave it and read it again, rewrite what you need, ask some friends to read it, until you get it.

Ideas for writing a story

Inspiration for writing a story can come in many ways, however, here are some ideas that can help you do that.

#1.- Write about extraterrestrials or aliens

Alien-based stories It’s a cliché, however, it’s a topic that can be approached in a thousand ways, since everything is possible in this universe, so if you want to start with something familiar, you will have many references to this topic.

#two.- Love: the idea that never fails

Love, it’s another “cliché” idea but it always works, thousands of love stories are written every day in every way possible, you will find many references to these themes and the most successful ones will be under the premise of “impossible loves” .

#3.- Fantasy: let your imagination fly

Fantasy, in this one you can let your imagination fly lurking monsters, fairies, goblins, mythological creatures and more, building and giving it shape, the interesting thing about writing fantasy stories is that it requires you to investigate a lot and from that create a whole new world.

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#4.- Stories about crimes and serial killers: based on real events

Murders, crimes, newspapers are a good source of information you can look up a real-life criminal case that catches your eye, investigate the information about it, and from there get inspired by a new story that doesn’t necessarily have to be that of the crime.

#5.- Awesome character biographies

biographies, research the story of one of your favorite characters, you can write a biography about their life or inspire one of your stories from it.

How to make a historical story?

Historical stories are characterized by narrating past events that actually happened, which is why within them are historical novels, documentaries and biographies. . To make a historical account, you must base yourself on the truth of the facts, that’s why in this section we inform you all the steps you must follow.

Step #1: Choose the character or situation you want to narrate✔

Remember that is a story of an event or fact that actually existed you can be inspired by a historic event in your country or around the world.

Step #2: Back up information from trusted sources✔

Investigate information from trusted sources, if it is a recent event you can find those involved in the subject and find out what they say about the event investigate in libraries, consult historians, among others.

Step #3: Narrate the events in chronological order✔

After completing your investigation, order the facts of this situation chronologically and narrate them in this order.

Step #4: Use characters who actually participated in these events✔

The characters involved in this event should only be those who were actually in it, try not to add extra people to the story.

Step #5: Describe the historical account setup✔

All narration must take place at the actual location so we recommend that if it is a historic event, during the investigation process you get to know the place and describe its most important characteristics: address, environment, colors, smells, among others.

Step #6: Keep in mind the emotions that drive characters✔

Describe the characters’ motivations to make the decisions and actions that triggered the historic event.

Step #7: History Obstacles✔

Describe the obstacles that the characters faced in the story including what caused them and how they faced them.

Step #8: Describe the final scene as it happened✔

This is the most important, because describes in detail what happened to each of the characters and what happened as well as where the events took place and how that affected what came after.

What does a story have to carry?

For a story to be considered as such, it must meet certain characteristics that give it strength and shape, so in this section we will talk about each of them, so you should pay close attention.

#1.- Theme

The topic is very important , know what idea you want to bring to the reader it must be clear from the beginning, this idea must be repeated several times throughout the story so that it is sealed in the reader’s mind

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#two.- Argument

The argument is the way you express the matter to the reader, for example; if your theme is friendship, your plot could be the story of two children where one has two pieces of bread and the other doesn’t, all the actions, situations in the story are what shape this plot

#3.- the conflict

This is the problem the character faces. this can be derived from supernatural forces, an antagonistic character, or a protagonist’s internal conflict, knowing the conflict will help you create the situation to resolve it

#4.- The characters

They are vital in the story , already defined what will be the role of each one and how they are going to shape the story, you can do an exercise and describe what each one is like, this will help you when they interact in the story and that their actions are consistent with what they are

#5.- The stage

Each story must take place in one place, tales usually work the entire story in a single setting, although this doesn’t stop you from walking the character through several of them, the settings are important and describing them adds strength to the story

What is a story?

A story is a narrative genre, a literary work, that focuses on the important facts of an event, and highlights them in detail without having to be too long. that is, it contains the essentials of the story in a compact form that can impact the reader, they are characterized by being longer than a story and shorter than a novel.

History is also the transfer of knowledge about a story, and having this intention to be transmitted orally, initially it has this characteristic of being brief. presenting the facts in a concrete way without entangling the reader in unnecessary details. These can be based on fact or fiction, you can also mix the two.

The best thing about stories is that they should not follow a pre-established structure, that is, it is not mandatory that they have an introduction, development and conclusion, but you can move between them with greater freedom. ; most stories generally sound like long stories about a topic and many Latin American writers based their works on it.

They are more striking for the reader, because make a bigger impression by using fewer words or the appropriate ones to carry the message, generating the emotion that is needed in the reader, therefore, to create a story, it must be clear what the essence of the story is. the story is. tell and give as much clarity as possible, specific descriptions such as place names, colors, smells, etc.

In this way we come to the end of the article, we hope that this information will be very useful for you to write your own stories, We invite you to continue enjoying all the content that we have prepared for you on our website and for that you only have to visit our next publications, we are waiting for you!

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