How to make a snow monkey?

Snow monkeys are icons that represent Christmas, ideal decorative elements to decorate houses on these dates, so in this article you will find three ideas on how to make a snow monkey for Christmas with materials that are easy to obtain, not only in reality, but also in the virtual world.

How to make a snow monkey?

Balloons are a very practical option to make a snowman or a snowman, so I will explain an easy idea so you can decorate the house this Christmas season or work and family parties for New Year’s Eve or the night.

The materials to be used;

4 balloons (you will use 2 or 3 maximum, the other is a reserve) thick white thread Fabrics with Christmas motifs or red felt 1 black card 1 orange cardboard Branches or pipe cleaners buttons Glue or white glue to brush black rope hot or cold silicone needle and thread Scissors cutter

Step 1.- Inflate three balloons to make the head and body

Use two or three balloons depending on the size you want and fill them in different sizes, the smallest will be the head and the other or others will be the body, make sure that together they have an average height

Step 2.- Mix the paste with glue and water

Once inflated and the correct size for the balloons, you must make a mixture between white glue and water with 2 parts glue and 1 part water

Step 3.- Start covering the balloons with the mixture and the white thread

Made this mixture, with the brush start to wet a balloon with the mixture and glue the white thread ; to make it easier, cut not too long pieces of yarn and dip it in the mixture

Step 4.- Apply two to three layers of yarn and glue

Glue these pieces of soaked yarn and once you have two or three layers cut them longer, dip them in the mixture and start wrapping

Step 5.- Reinforce the last layer with glue and repeat the process

Roll up to cover everything or leave some blank spaces, this amount is up to you, once the balloon is ready, carefully place a last layer of glue and water with the brush. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the balloons

Step 6.- Finish the spheres of white thread and join them to shape the doll

When they’re dry, prick them with a needle for them to empty and you will be left with a thick white ball of yarn; join the balloons, to form the body and head with water or using silicone

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Step 7.- Make a Christmas hat with felt or other fabric

With a simple cone-shaped pattern, make a Christmas hat using felt or red fabric take measurements of the diameter of the snow monkey’s head, to know the exact size

Step 8.- Cut a scarf that will cover the doll’s neck

With the rest of the fabrics, make a scarf to go around the snowman

Step 9.- Use orange cardboard to make the nose

Cut a square of orange cardstock approximately 10 x 10 cm and roll over a pencil (shape) to make a paper wand, this will be the doll’s nose

Step 10.- With black cardboard cut out the eyes and mouth

Use the black cardboard to make the shape of the eyes and mouth, if you prefer with the black string you can do the last one

Step 11.- Place and paste all the elements that characterize the snowman

Incorporate the elements, put on the Christmas hat and wrap the scarf around your neck; use silicone to fix these elements and glue the eyes, nose and mouth

Step 12.- To make the arms use some branches

Lastly, use the two branches and place them as arms around the doll’s body, use silicone to fix or hook on the balloon wire, glue the buttons to the center of the body and the snowman is ready.

How to make a snow monkey in Minecraft?

It is one of the most famous games nowadays among adults and children, in which players can create characters, including a snowman or a “snow golem” as they usually call within the game; If you are in this game or want to know how to do it, I will explain all the steps you should follow.

snow golem

In that case, you don’t need a bill of materials, just follow these steps and know that they they are a minecraft utility mob when they advance, leave a trail of snow and attack you throwing snowballs, they don’t do much damage to your opponents, except from the balzes, finally, the heat and water wear them out.

Step 1.- Look for the high areas to build the snow blocks

The first thing you have to do is build the snow blocks, for that look for them in snowy biomes or high areas where the rain turns to snow

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Step 2.- Build each block with nine snowballs

To create a block of snow you will need 9 balls that you will pick up with a shovel and take them to a work table, build two blocks that will make the snow monkey’s body

Step 3.- Find a pumpkin in the jungle for the head

For the head you need a pumpkin that you will find in a jungle where they abound or look for an illuminated pumpkin

Step 4.- Give life by placing the pumpkin (head) on the body

Finally, place the pumpkin on top of the body of the “golem of snow ” and it will come to life in the game.

How to make a snowman out of disposable cups?

These disposable plastic cups are very easy to obtain or you can recycle them from an old party the idea that I will explain below It’s very easy and friendly to the planet because you will use the disposable cups to make a snowman from scratch.

The materials to be used;

450 disposable cups approximately 2 different sizes fabrics with Christmas motifs black hat Christmas decorations stapler orange paint black cardboard hot or cold silicone Scissors Cutter

Step 1.- Clean the glasses very well and join them with clamps

clean the cups, if they have any stains, only if they are recycled, then with a stapler join two of the larger cups at the top

Step 2.- Form a circle with the cups

Add the rest of the cups until make a circle that you will close with a bobby pin

Step 3.- Add another circle of glasses joining them to the first

Add another layer of cups, placing them in the middle of the first staple the top and bottom cups together to form another circle smaller than the bottom one

Step 4.- Continue until you create a half sphere

Repeat this process until you create a half sphere. because as you add layers of glasses they close completely

Step 5.- Assemble another half sphere following the previous steps

Make another half sphere following the same procedure as the first, using the same type of glasses, that is, the largest

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Step 6.- Form a sphere by joining the halves

after ready, join the two spheres by stapling the cups that are in your base circles

Step 7.- Make two more half spheres with small cups

With the small cups make another sphere, repeating the same process you did to make the sphere bigger

Step 8.- Join these two half spheres with clamps forming the doll’s head

Join the two spheres using clamps in this case the smaller sphere will be the head and the larger the body

Step 9.- Make the nose with one of the large glasses

To make the nose, paint one of the larger glasses of orange and glue it to the snow monkey’s head.

Step 10.- Cut the snowman’s eyes and mouth out of black cardboard

Use the black cardboard to make the eyes and mouth fix them with the silicone and the doll’s face will be ready

Step 11.- Decorate the doll with a scarf and Christmas ornaments

Use the fabrics to make a scarf around the neck and incorporate the Christmas decorations

Step 12.- Finish by putting a hat on the snowman

Finally, add the black hat and the snowman made with disposable cups is ready to decorate the house.

We have reached the end of this article and I want to motivate you to make these snow monkeys with your own hands, you will see how fun and beautiful they are ; Finally, I invite you to continue enjoying all the content that I prepare for you here on my website and learn to make anything or project from scratch.

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