How to make a Scrunchie? Tutorial

There is a lot of interest in knowing how to make a hair bow, as this accessory is very useful to create various hairstyles that require the hair to be tied back, which is why we took this opportunity to show you different ways to make one of these.

Making a hair clip at home will allow you to add as many details as you like, in addition to to be super easy and doesn’t require expensive or hard-to-find materials . Pay attention to the following indications and make a new hair clip.

Materials to be used;

Cloth. Scissors. Wire. Needle. Hair gum.

Step 1.- Cut the fabric to the size of the hair elastic

Cut a strip of fabric from 10cmx45cm (you can change this measurement) and lay it out on a flat surface with the back of the fabric facing down.

Step 2.- Sew the fabric to place the hair elastic

Tuck one end into the hair elastic and fold the fabric in half so that the wrong side of the fabric is on the outside. Start sewing from this corner to the other, keeping the eraser inside.

Step 3.- Turn the fabric and close the elastic at the ends

Turn the fabric by hand and make sure the sewn edges are on the same side. Put one end inside the other and the one outside hem inwards and sew .

As you may have noticed, to make a hair clip you can even use a simple hair clip and cover it with some fabric to make it look better and look good without spending money on materials or a new ponytail.

How to make a natural hair scrunchie?

There are many versions of scrunchies and each one is worn with different styles of clothing, so I will explain below how to make a scrunchie with natural hair that you can use even in formal events.

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Materials to be used;

Natural haircuts. Elastic fabric of similar color to the hair of 1cmx14cm. Scissors. Silicone. Elastic ribbon with a similar color to the hair of approximately 1cmx1cm. hair spray

Step 1.- Join the hair strands with silicone and lacquer

Take small locks of hair , cut them on one side and put some silicone on them. With a wet hand you knead the silicone, cut off the excess if necessary and spray lacquer on top. Repeat this step until you have many melons ready.

Step 2.- Glue the strands to the hair clip fabric

Start gluing the strands to the fabric with small silicone dots on the same direction and arrange the hair so that it is evenly spread out so that it covers the surface well and you don’t have to put so many strands.

Step 3.- Sew the elastic to the fabric

On one end of the fabric, sew one end of the elastic. and do the same with the other two, when you’re done, you just have to join the ends of the elastic and the fabric to close the hair clip you can do with sewing or silicone.

In this easy way you can make a hair clip with natural hair that will be used to make hairstyles, such as a ponytail, and that look like they are held in by the person’s own hair.

How to make a Fabric Scrunchie?

Fabric scrunchies or scrunchies are a great accessory and have become popular again, but now they are not only used to hold hair but also as bracelets to complement the outfit.

Materials to be used;

Cloth pieces. Scissors. Wire. Needle. 20cm elastic. Safety pin.

Step 1.- Cut a piece of fabric measuring 40x10cm

Cut a 40 cm x 10 cm strip from the piece of fabric. You can also sew multiple pieces to reach this measurement.

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Step 2.- Fold the fabric in half and sew inside out

Fold the fabric strip in half leaving the front part inside and sew from one edge to the other without sewing 4-6 cm in each.

If you sew with a machine, do it with a straight stitch and finish off leaving centimeters on the edges .

Step 3.- Turn the fabric and join the ends

Place the safety pin on one end of the strap and push it into the strap to turn the fabric . Join the ends and make sure the fabric is not twisted so you can sew them.

Step 4.- Pass the elastic through the fabric

With a safety pin, secure one end of the elastic tape to the fabric and on the other end also place a safety pin so that you can pass the tape all over the fabric until it comes out on the other side .

Step 5.- Sew the ends of the hair clip in a zigzag pattern

Sew the ends of the ribbon with a zigzag stitch and close the hole with a slip stitch.

How to make a Fabric Scrunchie

This is another way to make a fabric hair bow so that you look fashionable and if you notice that the fabric is very simple, you can sew some jewelry stones before folding it and putting on the rubber band.

How to make a hair elastic?

When making a hair elastic, we need it to be as elastic as possible so it can stretch as far as we want and fit properly . Based on this requirement, you are presented with the following alternative.


Rectangle of elastic fabric 50cmx12cm. Hot silicone. Elastic tape. Safety pin.
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Step 1.- Fold the fabric on the right side inwards

Fold the rectangle so that the right part is inside and lift the fabric a little to add the silicone and then glue both sides until reaching the end.

Step 2.- Cut the ribbon and attach it to one end of the fabric

Measure the elastic band with your wrist and then thread one of its ends in one end of the fabric and in the other place a safety pin.

Step 3.- Turn the fabric and join the ends closing the hair clip

turn the fabric and with the help of the pin, remove the tip and then paste with the other. Tuck some fabric from one end to the other. and fold the exposed fabric a little inward and glue it.

As you can see, this is a way to make a hair bow a little different from others since here you will not need to sew and therefore the procedure is even simpler.

With this last title we end and be sure to follow the blog to discover other options to impress with custom hair bows .

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