How to make a pirate costume? Step by step

If you are about to go to a costume party and would like to wear a pirate costume, I have the solution to your problem and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how make a pirate costume in a simple way and with which you will see like a real one.

What I can recommend for you to make the perfect suit is that you follow each of the procedures that will be shown throughout this section .

Steps to follow to make a pirate costume

Step 1.- Look in your wardrobe for some clothes that can be used for the costume

The first thing you must do is look in your wardrobe for some clothes that might fit you, such as those that are white or black and certain accessories that can complement the outfit.

Step 2.- The clothes you need are: white shirt, black pants and boots

As per the previous step, you must have a white shirt, black pants and boots as the main garments for this type of attire.

Step 3.- Model the shirt with some cuts

So that you can give a more pirated look to the chosen pieces, I recommend that you undo the edges of the shirt, you can also make some cuts.

Step 4.- Get a head scarf

Look for a bandana or scarf that you can tie around your head and end up hanging on to continue adding that unique pirate look.

Step 5.- Make a pirate hat

In case you want to wear a pirate hat, You can do it with EVA rubber. The first thing will be to cut out certain parts of a hat and with the help of hot silicone you will put them together. Then, you print a skull and glue ahead.

Step 6.- Add a black belt and another accessory scarf to the outfit

Furthermore, you can wear a thick belt or a scarf around your waist to give a more accentuated touch of what a pirate is, or you can simply put a scarf around your neck.

Step 7.- Wear earrings and make a messy hairstyle

You you can put on some big earrings and wear your hair a little wild as pirates often do.

Step 8.- Make the eye patch and that’s it!

To cover your eyes you can put an eye patch made with the same eva rubber, which can be made using molds to find the right shape and join them together with elastic tape.

Follow this series of steps and get to work with the making your pirate disguise and be the sensation of the party. For this outfit, as you can see, you won’t need a lot of things, as it’s most likely find many things in your closet .

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How to make a female pirate costume?

Have you been invited to a costume party and still don’t know what to wear? Well look no further as I’m going to suggest you wear a pirate costume, for which I’m going to show you how to do it.

Step 1.- Get a black vest

the first thing will be see if you have a black vest in your closet that might serve you, otherwise you can do it using fabric, for which you must have your measurements, mark and make the cuts to continue cooking.

Step 2.- Decorate the vest with some pirated elements

in felt you can make 3 skulls that go 2 on the vest and 1 on the scarf. On the edges of the vest you can glue or sew the embellishments.

Step 3.- Make a red scarf and decorate it

for the scarf, take a meter of red fabric measuring 1mX1m and cut it in half, leaving a triangle. On the side where you are going to introduce the head, make a 10cm fold and place the other skull.

Step 4.- Make the costume strip

For the strip, cut 45cm in width and length leave the same length as the fabric. Then you fold and place some felt crossbones.

Step 5.- Complement with a white shirt and boots

To finish the costume you will need a white shirt and boots that you can find in your closet or in a store.

Now with these procedures you can look like the girl with the best pirate costume at the party and without stressing too much on how to do it?

How to make a pirate costume for a girl?

if you have to make a pirate costume for your girl and feel a little overwhelmed not knowing how to do it, don’t worry and read what I have for you later which will surely make you feel a lot better.

Here I will show you the simpler procedures so that you understand well what you should do to get a wonderful pirate costume .

Step 1.- Cut the tulle strips and the ribbon to make the tutu

the first thing to do is tutu for pirate costume, which is made by cutting strips of tulle that must reach the girl’s knees. Tulle is sold in rolls and you will use 2 and a half rolls depending on the size of the girl.

Step 2.- Tie the straps to the ribbon to make the tutu skirt

When the strips are measured, take them one by one and make a bow in the middle, wrap it around a ribbon and tie a knot. You must do this procedure until you finish the tutu, Finally, join the ends of the ribbon.

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Step 3.- Complete the tutu with more colors and a matching bodysuit on top

for the tulle you can use 2 colors according to your taste, if that’s the case, first you put one and then make space in the places you think are appropriate and put the other one. For the rest of the costume you can use a body that matches the colors of the tulle.

Step 4.- Cut two foam circles to make the pirate hat

Furthermore, in foami you will cut 2 circles, of which one will be for the top base of the hat, a slightly larger one which will be for the brim and a strap.

Step 5.- Model the hat by gluing the circles

You continue gluing the base circle with the strip and then the flap circle is placed below and glued by the central edges.

Step 6.- Decorate the hat with pearls, feathers and tiaras

By the edges of the hat you can put some strips of pearls. on one side you you can also put some pieces of tulle and some colored feathers.

In the end you take a headband and hit the circle.

How to make a girl’s pirate costume with tutu How to make a pirate costume for a girl with a headband

don’t suffer anymore with your girl’s fantasy and follow these procedures so that you can make an amazing costume for yourself, and so that you can orient yourself a little better, I share the previous guidelines so that you can locate yourself better.

How to make a pirate costume for a child?

If it’s carnival or you have to take your kid to a costume party and you’re thinking about one of the pirates, then it’s your lucky day because I’ll show you how to make a pirate costume for children.

Step 1.- Make the sword blade out of cardboard

on a cardboard you draw the sword and cut with the cutter, then paint it grey.

Step 2.- Make the sword handle using more cardboard

You draw a circle on the cardboard, with the cutter you cut and paint it black. You also paint a toilet paper roll black.

Step 3.- Use black foam to make the pirate hat

You take 2 black foams and in each one draw a hat and cut it.

Step 4.- Make a skull and glue it to the pirate hat

In white foam draws up a skull and cut it out, then glue it to one side of the hat.

Step 5.- Make the eye patch with foam and elastic

in the black foam you draw a semicircle and at the ends you make some holes to insert the elastic cord and tie a knot on each side to complete the eye patch.

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Step 6.- Fit the blade of the sword in the handle and assemble the hat, that’s it!

About halfway through the circle you will make a cut that the sword can go through and the toilet paper roll sticks behind the circle. Now, staple the 2 foams in the form of a hat.

How to make a pirate costume for a boy

So simple, fast and cheap that you can make a pirate costume for your child alone and at home, without so many complications and in a very simple way to not waste time.

How to make a pirate dog costume?

If you like to dress your little dog and this time you want to put a pirate costume on him, here I will tell you how to make a pirate costume Super easy for your dog, read below.

Step 1.- Adjust a striped shirt to the size of the dog

Get a striped tank top and adjust it with the plastic tape to the size of your pet.

Step 2.- Make the hat with fabric and place an earring

Take a piece of cloth to make the pirate hat, for which you will place the cloth on your dog’s head rolling it while giving it the desired shape, to hold it you make a knot and place an earring on one side.

Step 3.- Attach a black belt

You can cut a thick belt that you no longer use or make it out of fabric, take your dog’s measurement and add a few inches to the knot, then tie it around his waist.

Now yes, your pet will be able to stay in line with the Halloween festivities with the incredible costume you will make for him, think no more about it and start with this work.

For more information, I invite you to continue reading this blog, which will always have news about making costumes.

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