How to make a man happy?

There is no strict rule that a person should stick to to make their partner happy, however, in this article, we bring you the best tips and recommendations on how to make a man happy and, among other things, we will explain what to do to satisfy a man in bed.

Plus, we’ll teach you what to say to a man to make him happy, how to best act when a man is sad, and how to make a stubborn man happy. Stay with us because this is made especially for you. !

How to make a man happy?

To make a man happy in bed, the first thing you should keep in mind is that they like open-minded women, who let go of inhibitions and let imagination and creativity run wild …a great time and you will never forget those moments!

Here they are some ideas and tips you should consider do to keep your better half happy in the intimacy… Let’s get started!

#1.- Let him know that you want to be with him.

It could be texting him while he’s at work, to increase desire and spark passion. He will love to think about this moment!

#two.- Set the scene where you are with him in a romantic way

With candles, ambient music, incense, flowers, among other elements. Do you think men don’t like romance? Well I’ll tell you yes! And it doesn’t have to be a special date for that, surprise him and make this moment special!

#3.- Take the initiative to surprise your man in bed

It can be wearing good lingerie for him, putting on that perfume that fascinates him and starting the long-awaited date with some passionate kisses, like the first time!

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#4.- Discover your man’s erogenous and sensitive zones

Then you can play and have fun with them. Not all men respond in the same way to caresses in the areas of the body, so your task will be to know what they are: neck, ears, back, chest, inner thighs, abdomen, among other points.

#5.- Give her a stimulating intimate massage

As you coquettishly insinuate yourself, increasing and decreasing the intensity of the massages, follow up with kisses, whispers, snacks and more.

#6.- leave the light on

No more hiding your body under a sheet! Men like to contemplate a woman’s figure in full, so put aside the taboos, show yourself as you are and let the date be with the light on.

#7.- Learn new positions and put them into practice

On the internet you have a lot of material available that can instruct you about the multiple positions that a couple can play in intimacy.

#8.- Let him also take control during the intimate encounter

In addition to you being the only member of this meeting, it is convenient that he also takes care of the matter and surprises you.

#9.- Put your imagination to fly

You can ask him what his fantasies are and share yours too. As far as possible, they can negotiate ways to make them happen. You can also include toys in your dates if you both agree. Enjoy fully!

How to make a man happy when he’s sad?

Usually, the couple is the first person who realizes or discovers that the other is sad, and that sadness can originate for several reasons, however, the most important thing is to focus on getting them out of this sadness as soon as possible, so that it doesn’t become a possible depression .

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Here are some tips and advice that will help you make a man happy when he’s sad:

#1.- Put yourself in his shoes and hear why he’s sad

This will help lighten your load a little. Don’t scold or criticize anything that could make their situation worse and make them hate each other and/or you; instead, encourage him by saying positive words like that you are always there for him and that you understand how he must feel.

#two.- Give him a big hug from the front or back without saying a word

Sometimes a gesture is worth a thousand words. You can even kiss him on the forehead as a symbol that everything will be ok, it will make him feel happy and that you are there unconditionally!

#3.- Ask him out and make him feel comfortable.

This way, he will clear his mind for a long time and you will make him relax by doing some activity together, such as walking, watching a movie at the cinema, visiting mutual friends, among others.

#4.- Understand if he tells you to leave him alone

It’s always good to give our partner space and time to think things through, so if he asks you to leave him alone, listen to him and don’t push him too much.

#5.- be nice and smile

Nothing better than a smile to lighten the soul, and it would be great if you could convey a smile to him, reminding him of a happy event you spent together. Smiles release endorphins that lift us up and make us feel happy!

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We hope you enjoyed these advice, tips and suggestions on how to make a man happy . We wish you much success with yours! Stay on our blog and read the useful and interesting content we have compiled for you.

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