How to make a flashlight?

Decorations can be very tricky if we don’t have a clear idea of ​​what we want in a given space, but don’t worry, lanterns look great anywhere and with any theme, here. we will show you how to make a flashlight with materials you have at home.

How to make a flying lantern?

Lanterns can be made in different ways, flying lanterns are widely used on New Year’s Day all over the world, from now on you will no longer need to spend money buying one in the store, you will build it yourself, let’s get to work.

Materials to use to make a flashlight:

tissue paper in the color of your choice Bamboo wooden sticks Wire to make the frame Tail Scissors Cotton Alcohol

Step 1.- Model the structure of the flashlight

You should do the structure of the lantern you will do this with wire or wooden sticks, making a square that has a cross inside.

The corners of the square will be joined and the center of the cross at the end will be placed the mechanism so that it can fly, the size of the square will be your preference, the bigger, the bigger the flashlight.

Step 2.- Glue the tissue paper to make the lantern cover

Now to the outside, take the tissue paper and glue the ends so that you have a cylinder with an opening at each end, with that same paper you will cut a square the same size as the primary structure

Step 3.- Put a lid to close the bag that covers the flashlight

you paste the square at one end in the shape of a cap the result should be similar to a paper bag.

Step 4.- Place the structure inside the paper and decorate

At the end that was open in the bag, paste the structure that was created at the beginning , finally you will get a three-dimensional rectangle that will be the flashlight. Decorate with stickers and paints to your liking.

Step 5.- Place a small candle or a fire wick to make it fly

To make you fly, at the intersection of the frame blade place a cotton pad impregnated with alcohol, add a candle or a very safe heat source, it must be small so that the paper does not burn.

Step 6.- Light the wick so that the lantern goes up

once lit the air inside the lamp will heat up and it will gain height, you have to be careful that the fire doesn’t catch the tissue paper.

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Step 7.- You can use a base for the candle or fire wick

You can also find a small square made of metal or aluminum foil which is very light, and place it in the center of the frame so that you can place the swab there.

How to make a paper candle lantern?

Decorating a space with candles can also be a lot of fun if we use lanterns to cover them, let’s start innovating with our creativity here we will explain step by step everything you need to know to make a candle lantern.

Materials to use to make a candle lantern:

Glue (stick or liquid) Scotch tape Scissors A blank piece of paper Markers (for drawing) Thick paper or thin cardboard for the lid and base Rope or twine (to hang the lantern) A battery-powered tea light (also known as an electric tea light) If you can’t get battery candles, you can use decorative scented candles.

Step 1.- Make a striking drawing on paper

Take the white sheet and draw a design, you can search for designs on the web, or failing that, any one you like, ideally you use markers, as the colors stand out a lot in the candlelight.

Step 2.- Use a paper that is not thick

It is important that the paper you use is not so thick as it may prevent the candle light from being seen.

Step 3.- Fold the paper like a fan

After the paper is decorated, fold the paper into strips, like a fan must be done correctly. How much more careful and accurate you are with the bend the better your flashlight will be.

Step 4.- Fold it again to form a circle and secure the ends

Now form a circle with the folded paper and secure the ends with glue, you can also do with masking tape.

Step 5.- With thick paper cut the lid and base of the lantern

cut two circles thick paper of the same size this way the lid and base will be formed, to get the size, take the flashlight and put it on the paper you are going to use, and make a mark around it.

Cut into the line, so that the base and the cap do not come out of the flashlight.

Step 6.- Check if the paper can withstand the weight of the candle and lantern

You must make sure the paper is strong enough to fully support the weight of the electric lamp and flashlight.

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Step 7.- Reinforce with glue and tape

In the bottom of the flashlight, use glue and tape to make it much stronger.

Step 8.- Open the holes to pass the rope that will hold the lantern

make two small holes in the lantern, for you to put the rope you can use a pen or hole punch, you should make it near the top of the lamp, 1.3 cm from the top, the two holes should face each other.

Step 9.- Attach the string to the lantern and then the cap to the string

Cut the rope and tie or glue to the lantern in the form of a loop. Make a hole in the lid and thread the string through it.

Step 10.- Put glue between the lid and the string

you must put a few dots of tape or glue between the lid and the string, preventing the cap from exerting pressure.

Step 11.- Place the candle inside the lantern and light it

Put an electric tea light on the flashlight. If you are going to use the flashlight right away, you can light the candle.

How to make a Fair Lantern?

Making a fairground lantern is very simple, in addition to being very useful in kids party decorations can also be stored and used as home decoration.

Materials to use to make a carnival lantern:

A sheet of red paper, letter or A4 size One sheet of gold paper, letter or A4 size pencil and ruler Scissors Glue

Step 1.- Fold the paper and draw some lines

fold the red paper in half, using the pencil and the ruler to draw lines perpendicular to the folded side, leaving about ¾ at the top.

Step 2.- Cut the paper along the lines

Cut the lines drawn the idea is that these form the bars of the lantern body.

Step 3.- Form a tube with the golden paper

Roll the golden paper lengthwise, in the form of a tube, you must fix it with a little glue.

Step 4.- Pin the red paper to the gold paper

Now with the golden paper, match it on the edge with the red paper and fix with glue at each end.

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Step 5.- Make to hang the lantern

Knife a handle to place the flashlight . attach to handle on each side of the flashlight on top

How to make a Chinese lantern?

Chinese lanterns are super easy to make, you will only need 5 materials, for sure you have at home, don’t worry step by step we will explain how to make a chinese lantern.

Materials to use to make a Chinese lantern:

decorated cardboard long glass vase Glue Scissors Rule Pencil Candle

Step 1.- Draw parallel lines on the cardboard

Take it the decorated cardboard, or if it is plain, decorate to your liking and make parallel lines vertically.

Step 2.- Leave a few cm of separation between them and on the edges

The lines must have a separation of 2.3 cm between them cannot be made end to end, at the top and bottom must be left a space of at least 3 cm.

Step 3.- Cut the lines and glue the cardboard to the glass vase

Cut the lines with scissors. Take it the glass vase and with glue, glue the cardboard around it of it, but lowering the cardboard a little, creating a flashlight effect

Step 4.- Place the candle inside the vase

Depending on the size of the vase will be the size of the candle ; For example, if the size is similar to a jar of mayonnaise, a small candle will suffice, as the vase grows, the candle should be bigger.

We know how important it is for everyone to make crafts, follow our blog and learn to do many new things with materials you have at home, keep reading and put your creativity to work.

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