How to make a feather?

Feathers are a implement that is part of the cultures of ancestral tribes , to be used in different religious ceremonies. Undoubtedly, due to its brightness and colors, it is a decorative element that has attracted everyone’s attention.

How to make a feather?

Making a headdress is not complicated, just lots of creativity and DIY techniques so that it looks like an authentic headdress from the original tribes, the following procedures will be divided into 2 parts.

Part 1: Penalties

It is the most important and striking part of the plume, therefore, you should opt for colored feathers, you can get them at craft stores. Originally, the feathers were from: pheasant, turkey, partridge and eagle. Which meant a hierarchy within the ceremony.

Step 1.- Take care of the aesthetics of the feathers

Fix the feathers (if necessary): If it’s bent, you can hold the feather at both ends by passing it over the hot spot, rotating it without leaving it too long in the same area, then let it cool while keeping it straight.

The feathers usually go in different directions, if you want symmetrical you would have to group the feathers with the curl and then place them on the corresponding sides of the feather.

Step 2.- Cut in a circular shape

Appear the feathers: Each of the feathers will be trimmed to a circular shape at the tip.

Step 3.- A leather strap for each pen

Place a leather loop on each feather: It has to be stiff, thin strips of leather (6mm Max) wide, with a prudent length (about 10cm – 11cm). The leather strap is folded so that the pen nib is in the middle. The calamus will be attached to the strip with glue and allowed to dry to continue advancing.

Step 4.- Wrap the calamus with felt

Cover the feathers with felt: cut pieces of felt, preferably red, wrap each piece around the leather sheath of each feather, leaving the bottom loop unwrapped.

Part 2: Make the feather

For this you will need the following elements ;

Hat or bandana made of leather, felt or other material. Pens knife or punch Cord artificial falls

Step 1.- Attach the feathers to the hat or tiara

Start by punching holes in the brim of the hat or headband : They can be opened with a hole ripper, sharp knife or awl, place the feathers along it, leaving some spaces between them, there should be two small holes per feather on each side of the feather.

Typically, plume feathers extend from ear to ear.

Step 2.- Gather the feathers using darning

Darning a cord between the feather loops and the holes: The feathers will be joined by darning them, this depends on the order in which you arranged them.

If necessary, you can reinforce by tying a knot and putting glue on each end.

Step 3.- Add another cable if necessary

Add another cord: if you feel that the feathers are not quite straight or parallel to each other, you can sew a second cord around the quills to hold them securely in place.

Step 4.- Add a decorated strip to the front of the feather

Darning a headband: You can buy it or make it yourself (gluing colored beads onto a piece of felt or leather), darning from the center outwards in different holes.

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Step 5.- Finish with some side strips

Ermine tails were originally used to make them, but for this feather you can use paper strips hanging on the sides above the ears, tie them with the string you used for the feathers.

With these steps we will have our plume ready, we must keep in mind that It is a painstaking and detailed process which requires time and patience for the result to be satisfactory.

How to make an Aztec headdress?

A headdress within the Aztec culture is a symbol of great respect within the ceremonies . Undoubtedly, this culture marked a milestone in world history and one of its legacies is feathers. Let’s recreate it with homemade materials.

Step 1.- Materials to be used

headband Pens Tail metallic paint

Step 2.- Decorate the strip that will be the front of the feather

On the front of the band we go make some representative figures with metallic paint. You can look for models of Aztec headdress figures online.

Step 3.- Arrange the feathers in order of size

We put the shorter feathers on the sides while in the central part we will place the highest feathers.

Step 4.- Let it dry and that’s it!

After gluing all the feathers, wait for it to dry and to complete the decoration add some golden chains; It will add elegance to the headdress and reflect the splendor of Aztec culture, so it will be ready to use.

You may put on some gold chains, that reflect the power of such an imposing Mesoamerican culture.

How to make a tuft of paper?

A paper feather is super easy to make, it can be used for costumes, school activities or educational projects to stimulate creativity in children.

Step 1.- Materials needed

different color paper Glue Scissors Pencil

Step 2.- Cut and mold some paper for the feathers

let’s cut the sheets of paper in squares and rectangles of different sizes. We fold each of the figures in half, trying to give it the shape of a feather.

Step 3.- Cut the feather hairs on the paper

Being still bent in half we will make thin cuts from the outside to the inside when we open them, it will look like the hairs of the feathers.

Step 4.- Take the measurements of the head to make the band

We will measure the contour of the person’s head will use, to make the tiara or hat, in this case a tiara is easier.

Step 5.- Cut the headband

You can make the felt headband by cutting a thick headband that you tie around your head. this is easier as the pens are made of paper, they hold easily and you won’t think when you use them.

Step 6.- Decorate the feather tiara

Use metallic paints and colored stones to make the design you prefer we recommend using indigenous motifs like the cultures to which the feathers belong.

Step 7.- Add the feathers and let dry

We will paste the feathers in their different sizes it can be the small ones first and the larger ones behind. We let it dry and we have our plume ready.

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How to make a feather feather?

The characteristic feathers are decorated with feathers, because feathers, as mentioned above, represent hierarchy within civilizations and a pure expression of animal strength. To make a feather plume you must follow these procedures:

Step 1.- Materials needed

Helmet or hat can be made with cardboard or as is the case with carnivals. Pens Glue

Step 2.- Make the feather headband

Make the helmet, hat or headband head to the desired shape and width. )… to make the structure you can follow the steps of the previous sections, buy a hat or even use a thick band that you tie like a headband like in the section How to make a feather? .

Step 3.- Add the feathers to the feather

We will paste the feathers of different sizes the short feathers in the front and the longer ones in the back tend to look better, or also the short ones on the sides and the long ones in the center.

Step 4.- Decorate the feather

Draw a design on the front of the quill using colored inks and gems to give a showy look, we also recommend add ribbons hanging on the sides and tie feathers at the end of them.

This type of feather is fun to make because you can get creative with it.

How to make an Indian headdress?

At Indigenous plumes are variable between different tribes each with very particular characteristics that differentiate them from one another. We will show you how to make a headdress representative of Indian culture.

Step 1.- Materials needed

Felt, cardboard or foam hat colored paints long feathers short feathers Glue pierce Wire

Step 2.- Make the feather cover with a resistant material

Like other headdresses or feathers, let’s make this hat with a resistant material so that it stands firm, can be felt, cardboard, foam.

Step 3.- Decorate the front of the feather

THE front of this headdress can be decorated simply as Indian culture did not use such bright colors for their designs.

Step 4.- Use neutral colored pens

At feathers, in turn, are also not usually very colorful so with their neutral colors they can be placed in various ways or they can also be ordered in color gradients.

Step 5.- Hang some feathers on the sides (ears) of the hat

Place the long feathers hanging down the sides (falling down) by the ears.

Step 6.- Pierce the feather cap and tie the feathers

Make some holes on the sides of the hat for the feather and then tie the feathers by holding through these holes, you can use some leather straps or some strong cord for this. Knife some holes on the sides of the hat .

How to make a carnival feather?

this feather It is used for parties, festivities, celebrations and as part of the costumes of dance groups.

Step 1.- Materials needed

Wire Scotch tape foam Sense gems Wire Glue Pens Paper

Step 2.- Model the hat for the feather

assemble the hat we are going to achieve this with the thread, dividing it into the front (front), upper (above the head, ear to ear at the bottom of them) and finally the back of the head (it’s a little simpler, will be the one that will give us stability to the previous pieces), all this will be glued with masking tape.

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Cover the hat with foam or felt.

Step 3.- Cut the design for the front part of the feather

On a piece of paper, draw the design you want to place in front of the feather. then transfer this design to a foam and cut following the traced shape.

Step 4.- Decorate the drawing and paste

Have some gemstones and rhinestones on hand to decorate the feather design intended to give the luxurious look these hats were known for; then glue the decorated design onto the foam.

Step 5.- Add the down feathers

Paste, first the design will be pasted on the foam. At the drawing we will place the feathers of the chosen color for this type of headdress it is recommended to use feathers of different sizes and bright colors.

Step 6.- Put the design on the hat

After finishing with the feathers, glue all this decoration on the feather hat so that it stays and you can wear it during carnivals with ease .

How to make a feather out of recyclable material?

For this kind of feather we need a lot of creativity to be able to take advantage of the infinity of materials that we have in our homes.

Step 1.- Materials needed

cardboard or cardboard Disposable cups paintings Pencil Glue

Step 2.- Make the feathers with the glasses and color them

Open the disposable cups in half, proceeding to cut them in the form of a feather. When you have the desired amount of “feathers” we’ll paint them the way you want.

Step 3.- Make the bandana for the feather

As the ink dries, with the cardboard or cardboard we will make the contour (simulating the tiara) from the head of the person who is going to wear it. We cut and paste.

Step 4.- Glue the feathers to the tiara and that’s it!

Use the glue for this, you can start with the longest ones for the sides and fill until you reach the center, if the glue is not enough, use a little thread to fix the feathers and the feather is finished.

Making a feather is definitely very simple, you just need to let your creativity run wild and follow your imagination .

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