How to make a dispenser?

A dispenser is a object that lets you store anything , is a concept that is used in food, drinks and even games, but how to make a dispenser? Whatever your need, it’s about making a hermetic structure that prevents the content from leaving and, at the same time, can keep it in good condition.

Next, I will show how to make assorted dispensers that is, they have different goals to maintain.

How to make a dispenser in Minecraft?

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most popular games that’s why if you’re a fan, I’m going to tell you how to make a dispenser for Minecraft using console mode or PC mode.

Technique #1: Dispenser in Minecraft from a console

When you are playing on console in survival mode, you can make a dispenser to use on the floor when you need it.

The materials to use:

redstone pray (Search Y16 coordinate with an iron pickaxe) 7 gray rock blocks 3 Rolls of Thread you can get each unit killing a spider wooden trunk 1 Work Table (If you don’t have to do it previously using another log)

If you use an XBOX

Step 1.- Go to the craft workshop using the X button

press the X button to go to the craft workshop select the plates and press A.

Step 2.- Create a group of sticks with the A button

Use the cursor and place to the right of the wooden plank and press A to create a group of sticks

Step 3.- Close the inventory and go to the workbench

Close the inventory by pressing B . Go to your desk. In case you don’t have it, you should press X, choose clipboard icon and press A.

Step 4.- Go to the tools and weapons area by selecting the bow

press the top right trigger button , this will take you to Tools and Weapons. Select the Arc and press A.

Step 5.- Open the mechanisms tab

The same button as before (the one above the right trigger) press it three consecutive times to open the “Mechanisms” tab

Step 6.- Find a funnel and the dispenser

Look for a funnel and use the left stick to move the cursor to choose top dispenser

Step 7.- Take it to the inventory

press A and take the dispenser to the inventory.

In case of using PlayStation 3 or 4

Step 1.- Select the tables in the manufacturing menu

Press the Square button and access the Crafting menu . Select wooden boards and press A.

Step 2.- Close the inventory

Move the cursor to the right side of the wooden planks and press X. Press the command circle and close the inventory

Step 3.- Go to the clipboard

Go to the drawing board, if you don’t have it, hit the square, select the artboard and press X

Step 4.- Select the bow in the tools and weapons menu

Press the button above the right trigger to open the Tools menu and Weapons, select the bow and press X.

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Step 5.- Open the mechanisms menu

Then press this button above the right trigger three times to open the mechanisms menu,

Step 6.- Go to the funnel to select the dispenser and it will be in the inventory

Go to the funnel and with the lever, direct the cursor to the dispenser and press the X button. dispenser will appear in the inventory.

Technique #2: Dispenser in Minecraft from PC

In this case, you must be in survival mode to do it.

Materials to use :

redstone ore, if you don’t have it in your inventory, you can mine it with an iron pickaxe at Y coordinate 16. 7 blocks of gray rock 3 threads in this case you have to kill 1 spider per thread roll, that is, three in total, it is also advisable to look for it during the day, as they are more difficult to kill at night. wooden trunk 1 work table that in case you don’t have it, you have to cut 1 more trunk.

Step 1.- Enter the creation menu and then go to your inventory

open your Crafting grid . Press E to enter your inventory and drag a wooden log towards it, you will see that 4 wooden boards are formed that you must take to the inventory.

Step 2.- Go to your clipboard

go to your bench . If you don’t have it, what you need to do is that in the previous step you make 8 wooden boards from the 2 logs. You save 4 for the next procedure and the remaining 4 create a worktable. Simply by placing a card in each slot of your crafting grid.

Step 3.- Make your group of toothpicks

so you have to make your group of sticks for this, in the same crafting grid you must place a table in the central box and another one below it you will see that four sticks will be formed that you will transfer to your inventory.

Step 4.- Make an arc in your 3×3 square

in your 3×3 space, make an arc . In this case, you must place the following elements:

put three strings vertically in the third or right column. Put three sticks : the first one in the central square of the first row, another one in the central square of the first column and the last one in the central square of the third row.

Step 5.- Start making the dispenser by placing the bow in the center

Now we started to make the dispenser . To do this, you must place the bow on the central square of the grid and then place stones on all squares of the right column, left column and top row.

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Step 6.- Finish with redstone dust and take the dispenser to your inventory

At the only space available (Under the arch) put a redstone powder. You will see that the Dispenser will appear in the results box, it is like a box with a black hole, you can store it and use it at the desired time on the ground.

How to make a bag dispenser?

This is one of Easiest to make dispensers you don’t need much to store your bags.

The best option is to look for a plastic container with lid like soft drinks or large waters, cut the base and that’s it. Full of pockets at the base and at the tip, you pull and remove.

you can even get a shoe box or tissue box make a rectangle on the lid and take your bags.

How to make a dog food dispenser?

Tired of not having a place to store your dog food? We’ll show you a technique for make a cardboard dispenser with materials you have at home.

The materials to use:

Card One cylindrical container with a lid of about 3 inches rectangular wood chips Scissors liquid silicone or resistant glue hair tie Pliers

Step 1.- Cut 4 truncated cardboard pyramids

Get one 12cm x 12cm cardboard square draw a truncated pyramid and cut it out. Make 4 pyramids out of this.

Step 2.- Join the pyramids on the sides

join the pyramids by the side edges forming a three-dimensional truncated pyramid with 4 faces.

Step 3.- Make 4 small wooden bases

with the pliers cut 1 piece of wood of 1 centimeter and another of three, glue one on top of the other forming a base. You will make 4 of these bases and you will place them at the base of the truncated pyramid, one on the side and 2 on the top.

Step 4.- Form a cylinder with cardboard and join it to the bases

Get one cardboard rectangle and with the help of a pencil, roll it to form a cylinder and on one of its ends glue a cardboard square, on the opposite end of the cardboard place some wooden bases (using the previous process) 2 in each corner.

Step 5.- Hook a pair of rubber bands that go from the cylinder to the base of the pyramid

Grab two rubber bands, you go attach the first to the attached wooden base to the cylinder and stretch to the wooden base of the top of the pyramid and the second using the same process but on the opposite side, in this way a door will be formed that when you pull it opens and closes

Step 6.- Cut the faces of a box and open a hole in one of them

Cut 4 rectangles and two cardboard squares (to form a rectangular box) on one side make a circular hole to insert the cardboard cylinder.

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Step 7.- Assemble the cylinder and assemble the box

Take the pyramid, place it on top pass the cylinder through the hole and glue the side and back faces to form the box.

Step 8.- Make a rectangle in front of the box

THE front face you have to make a rectangle just below where the pyramid ends.

Step 9.- Fix a cardboard tray in the rectangular hole

Get one cardboard rectangle and glue two thin strips of cardboard on the sides perpendicularly and insert it into the rectangle you made in the front box (the food will come out through here) and fix it with silicone

Step 10.- Glue the front face and open the cover space

Glue the front face. Lastly, take the lid of the container and mark it on one of the cardboard squares (box lids), cut out this circle and glue the lid to this hole in the cardboard.

Step 11.- Fill the dispenser with food and use it, done!

Fill the container with dog food, cover and glue the whole structure on the cardboard with the lid, after it dries, turn it over and that’s it, just press the lever and the food will come out.

How to make a cat food dispenser?

You can use the previously mentioned dispenser model however, if you want something different, try two plastic bottles.

What do you have to do is to cut the base of a bottle and mark this base on one of the bottom sides of the other bottle and cut it to the same size, then join the two L-shaped bottles and that’s it, full of food in one end and you ship to the other.

That’s all, the dispensers are important in our daily lives so we invite you to use your creativity and simplify your life.

For this and other information, I invite you to continue enjoying the content of your website .

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