How to make a cube?

A cube is a high-dimensional square that has four faces , all must be the same and must be visible to the human eye, it can be made of paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. Here we will show you how to make a cube.

O cube can be made in different ways below we will explain in detail how to make a paper cube, rubik or a drawing cube:

How to make a cardboard cube?

To make a cardboard cube you must have three basic and simple elements a pencil, a cardboard and a ruler, you only need that, in addition, scissors and glue to be able to cut and paste the cardboard cube, let’s get to the work!

Step 1: Draw the cube pattern on the cardstock

The cube template must be drawn on the surface we want, in this case, a cardboard; To draw the model, you must draw a rectangle or four squares together and then add two squares to the sides of the second square on the strip.

A reference is like a grid cross (the rectangle can be any length you want, from 20 cm upwards).

Step 2: Make the tabs where the cube faces will come together

Once the template is drawn flaps or flaps must be made on each side of the free strips these cannot be straight, they must end at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

Step 3: Fold all cube parts

Cut and fold each side, we recommend that you also fold the flaps to make gluing much easier.

Step 4: Join all cube faces using the tabs

We glue all the sides of the cube, the ideal is to start from the bottom up to make it much more comfortable, and finally there should only be one flap left to glue that will be the lid and that’s it.

Step 5: Decorate or place on a base

This is optional, you can paste in a structure and make other 3D geometric figures to be able to build a model.

If the flaps or flaps do not stick together or square, you must make the pattern again from the beginning, all sides must be equal, there cannot be one square larger than the other, as it will not take the form of a cube.

You must also first paint the model with colors tempera or paints to make it a decorated cube, you can make them in all colors and place them on your bedroom countertop to give your decor a sophisticated touch.

How to make a cube out of paper?

Step 1: Fold a sheet of paper

take one sheet of paper and fold it in half to that both parts are equal.

Step 2: Use a small box

Put a small box so that one fold of the box is just the fold of the sheet you made.

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Step 3: Line the box with paper

line the box with the sheet of paper, and glue it with white glue trying to make sure the edge of the sheet is just at the edge of the box, so it doesn’t look like it’s a lined box.

Finally, not only can you use paper to make a cube, you can use cardboard, cardboard boxes and any material that is resistant and bendable; here we leave the cube model:

How to make a Rubik’s Cube?

Rubik’s cubes are made by toy companies, it’s extremely difficult to do it at home here we will show you what the working mechanism is and there you can expand your skills and build one of your own.

The rubik’s cube works as follows

It’s a game that uses 27 parts to work It has a central cross, better known as “kernel”, it is not visible and occupies the central axis of the rubik’s cube and is responsible for moving the external faces It has six central faces one of each color, and these have no movement. Have twelve 90 degree pieces are two-color, and occupy the place of union between two faces, and are located in the middle of each edge. Finally eight vertices, with three colors better known as vertices, and join the three faces

We can tell you how to make a rubik’s cube, can be for decoration or to use, has movement, the materials to be used are as follows:

Materials to use:

Scissors white rubber Paper Color, or color tempers red, blue, white, black, green, orange and yellow Rule Card

Step 1: Solve the top cross to complete the first color

Solve the top cross leaving colors like red and blue with the two middle edges nested. Complete the top color completing the first layer of the other two colors-

Step 2: Resolve the second color layer

You must complete the second layer, turning the cube and putting the white face down and placing the missing edge on the opposite side of the one that is going, so that when it turns again it fits.

Step 3: Start the other two layers by extending a cross of yellow

Make a cross on the yellow face . try extend the cross to the other two faces where we already have the first two complete layers, now only the vertex of these would be missing.

Step 4: Match the last missing vertices

Place last missing vertices this can be extremely difficult as rotating the vertices to snap can dislodge other edges, but try to get one to stay in place and the other 3 to be rotated clockwise.

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Rotate the vertices so they fit perfectly .

Here we leave a tutorial so you can orient yourself visually to solve a rubik’s cube:

How to Make a Rubik’s Cube (Solve It)

To make the rubik’s cube you will need to download and print the following template available on Google Drive:

You must print on a sheet, cut and paste on cardboard to be able to assemble the rubik’s cube, here is a tutorial where it explains how each piece of rubik’s cube works:

How to make a cardboard magic cube with templates

Remember that the rubik’s cube is a functional element that helps to exercise the mind, and helps a lot to distract yourself, if you want to make it from scratch, hands The work! we leave all the tools for that.

How to make a drawing cube?

A drawing cube is very easy to make, there are many tricks or ways to do it, here we will show you some of them, you choose which is easier or which is best for you to understand.

Steps to make a drawing cube ;


Step 1 – Draw two squares of the same size diagonally separated

draw a 6cm x 6cm square . Draw another square of the same dimension, but leaving 2.5 cm of space both on the top and on the right, that is, it will be lower and to the left.

Step 2: Join the top and bottom lines of the squares

join with the lines from box N1 to box N2 on the top. Join with the lines from box N2 to box N1 at the bottom.


Step 1: Draw two squares one inside the other

draw a square . Draw another square on top of the previous one but slightly larger.

Step 2: Draw another square below to the left of the previous one

Draw another square in the lower left corner of the previous box, so that the right line is right in the middle of the center box.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with a larger square

Draw another square around the previous one but a little bigger, just like you did for the central square.

Step 4: Join the corners and erase the overlapping lines

Join each corner with the corner of the previous square this one with the four points of the larger squares. erase where the lines overlap

How to make a 3D cube?

Step 1: Draw a square in the center of the paper

The square should not cover more than half of the paper space on the sides, because from that we will create a bigger one, therefore, take into account the dimensions of the paper for the square.

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Step 2 – Draw the parallel lines behind the vertices

Drawing parallel lines from each vertex of the square, these backward-facing lines can give the visual appearance of an inverted table.

Step 3: Form another square by joining the ends of the lines

Then, join the horizontal lines you made backwards with a vertical, i.e. make a square again, but further back from the first and joining all the vertices that are alone on the paper.

Let’s leave a tutorial for you to see how easy it is to make a cube in the drawing :

How to make a 3D cube (drawn)

Tips or advice for drawing 3D figures

Always try to use a ruler, otherwise, unless you have an amazing hand, the lines will not be straight, and this can mess up the final result of the figures ➽ It’s a lot more viable and resistant to make the figures in cardboard or other material that can be folded, such as cardboard, the sheets are not very strong and can be damaged quickly ➽ Never paste with hot silicone you run the risk of getting burned, better white rubber and cold silicone ➽ If you want to decorate the figure on their faces, you must do it before assembling it, otherwise you will damage it because they are empty inside ➽ Remember that with the help of an adult everything is best

We know how much fun an afternoon of crafts can be, so we recommend that you make not just the cube but all the geometric figures you like, and put your imagination to work.

Finally, we are convinced that your quest to pass the time will not end here, that’s why we leave you a series of options to do in your spare time, don’t miss our fabulous Blog!

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