How to make a cardboard car?

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to making a cardboard car for the little ones in the house so they can have fun playing with one that rolls, or using a cardboard car as an original costume to use at carnival, Halloween or a birthday party . .

It is for this reason that today you will learn how to make a cardboard car easy and fast, where the best part of the whole process will be how you will have a lot of fun in the company of the prince or princess of the house, so Stay with us!

How to make a cardboard car?

Before starting work to make a cardboard car that rolls, all you need is a few simple materials, the will to do it, plus a pinch of creativity to give that personalized and original touch you so desire.

Step 1.- Gather the following materials✔

A cardboard box (the size you want to make the car). Scissors and exact. Scotch tape. Pencil. Rule. Two straws and two long wooden chopsticks. Four plastic caps. Silicone (preferably hot). Brush and paints.

Step 2.- Close the cardboard box✔

First of all, we need to take the cardboard box and seal it with masking tape, both at the top and at the bottom.

Step 3.- Draw a rectangle✔

Then we must mark with the help of the ruler and the pencil, a rectangle from width to width to the top of the box.

Step 4.- Cut a part of the rectangle✔

Then, with scissors or the exact same one, we are going to cut out the rectangle, except for one of the longer sides (like the flap), which will be the windshield of your car!

Step 5.- Glue the straws to the box✔

Afterwards, we will work on the bottom of the box, where with the help of hot silicone, we will glue the two straws in parallel.

Step 6.- Open a hole in the plastic covers✔

Then, it’s time to make a small hole in the center of each plastic lid through which you can easily pass each end of the wooden sticks.

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Step 7.- Assemble the wheels with the caps, sticks and straws✔

After the previous step, we took a toothpick and inserted only the tip into a plastic cap, then secured it with some hot silicone and then placed the toothpick inside one of the straws. We repeat the previous step with the other straw and the remaining plastic caps.

Step 8.- Paint the car to your liking✔

Then comes the car paint! This is where you give free rein to your imagination and you can paint the car any color you want, and you can also combine different colors.

Step 9.- Add the final details✔

Finally, you can add cool details to the car, such as drawing a license plate on the back, making mirrors, delimiting the doors, among others. And ready! Let’s roll and enjoy the family game with our cardboard car!

How to make a car with recyclable material?

The world of recycling is super diverse, fun and very important! We have to teach our children this recycling because by giving them a new opportunity to waste materials, avoiding the destruction of our home: planet earth.

The options are endless when thinking about making a car with recyclable material and best of all, we will need very few materials to bring our project to life.

Base: cardboard toilet paper tube

Step 1.- Materials to collect✔

Cardboard boxes (eg toothpaste packets). Plastic bottles. Cardboard tubes (toilet or kitchen paper). Two cigarettes. Two wooden sticks. Four plastic caps. Silicone (preferably hot) Paint and brush.

Step 2.- Cut the straws to the width of the cardboard tube✔

First of all, you must cross the two straws through the wide part of the cardboard tube, parallel and cut them flush with the tube.

Step 3.- Pass through the ends of the tube with the toothpicks✔

Then, pass the wooden sticks and at each end, place the plastic caps and secure them with some hot silicone.

Step 4.- Decorate as you like✔

Finish by painting the car in your favorite colors and let’s roll!

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How to make a cardboard car for a girl?

The princesses of the house also love to play and have a lot of fun with the cardboard cars. That’s why when it comes to giving girls a cardboard car or helping them with the manufacturing process, there are plenty of options for customizing them.

Step 1.- Materials to collect✔

A cardboard box (the size you want to make the car). Scissors and exact. Scotch tape. Pencil. Rule. Two straws and two long wooden chopsticks. Four plastic caps. Silicone (preferably hot). Brush and red paint. Yellow, white and black papers.

Step 2.- Repeat the steps in the section How to Make a Cardboard Car?

First of all you have to make the cardboard car that rolls, for this you go to the section How to make a car with recyclable material? and you will repeat the same steps from Step 2 to Step 7 .

Step 3.- Paint the car✔

Now you have to give them that feminine and seductive touch, in addition to painting them with your favorite color, you can add various types of decoration, how:

sequins flowers buttons frost printed papers Among many more.

Also, you can copy the girl’s favorite animated character and translate it to the cardboard car, for example, if she likes unicorns, you can add cute colorful horn in front of the car and charming eyes.

How to make a cardboard car with an engine?

Cardboard motor cars are super fun because they roll by themselves, without the need to manipulate them by ourselves. However, its elaboration process presents a little difficulty due to the materials it includes, but do not worry! Here we show and teach you step by step how to achieve it.

Step 1.- Materials to collect✔

A cardboard box (the size you want to make the car). Scissors and exact. Scotch tape. Pencil. Rule. Two straws and two long wooden chopsticks. Four plastic caps. Hot silicone. small electric motor a switch A battery holder. Insulating tape. Two cells or batteries. Brush and paints.
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Step 2.- Integrate the entire engine system✔

First, we recommend working inside the cardboard box, integrating the entire motor, switch and battery holder system, securing the wiring with electrical tape.

Step 3.- Fix the motor with hot silicone✔

After completing the previous step, fix the small motor inside the box with hot glue.

Step 4.- Assemble the wheel axles✔

Then work on the wheel axles, passing through the straws and then inserting the wooden sticks, placing the four caps with their respective holes in the middle and attaching them to the sticks with hot glue.

Step 5.- Test if the battery works✔

Up to this point, make sure the engine works well by inserting the batteries into the battery holder and turning on the switch.

Step 6.- Add the exterior elements✔

Then work on the outside of the cardboard car, giving it the look you want. You can do it in the same way as explained in the section How to make a cardboard car that rolls? .

Step 7.- Decorate to your liking✔

Finally, paint the cardboard car and add custom details and you’re done! You can spend hours and hours enjoying the cardboard motorized car… or until the battery runs out and you replace them with others.

We wish you much success in making your own cardboard car! May you have an excellent day.

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