How does moisturizing soap work?

A person washing hands with moisturizing soap.

Moisturizing soap is the preferred type of cleanser for people with particularly dry skin. Regular soap can have a tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils, especially during seasons when humidity is low. The moisturizing soap still cleans in the same way as the traditional versions, but ingredients are added to help replenish the skin’s moisture during use. Other moisturizing products should be used if the skin is very dry, and users may consider avoiding certain versions if they are sensitive to fragrances.

Soothing glycerin is a natural by-product of handmade soap.

The purpose of soap is to cleanse the skin of dirt, bacteria and oil. Washing your hands frequently and your entire body daily is essential for staying clean and preventing germs. At the same time, regular soap can have a tendency to strip the skin of oil, which can irritate dry skin and can even cause oily skin rashes.

Moisturizing soap can come in a pump bottle.

Moisturizing soaps cleanse the skin in the same way as regular soaps, but at the same time replenish oil. There are several different versions of these types of soaps, and they are widely available online and in pharmacies. One of the most common ingredients in moisturizing soap is aloe vera, although other types may contain coconut, green tea, and shea butter to help replenish the skin’s moisture. Some antibacterial soaps contain moisturizing ingredients, but they are usually more harsh on the skin.

Moisturizing soap can cause dermatitis in some people.

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While moisturizing soaps can help prevent skin dryness, users will likely have to use other replacement products so they don’t experience excessive dryness. Lotions are essential, especially during the winter months when humidity is low. Moisturizing lotions and creams can work with cleansers, acting as a barrier after using the previous one. When looking for a moisturizer, it is important that the correct version is chosen based on each individual’s skin type. Creamy moisturizers work well for dry skin, while light, non-comedogenic versions help prevent the appearance of oily skin.

Moisturizing soaps typically contain conditioners to hydrate the skin.

Sensitive skin can reap the benefits of moisturizing soap because many traditional versions have irritating chemicals and scents. Consumers should still look at all product labels carefully, as certain versions of soaps contain moisturizing ingredients as well as potentially irritating scents. In these cases, the best types may be those that contain as few ingredients as possible. If moisturizing soaps cause dermatitis or a skin rash, a dermatologist may recommend a special type to use at home.

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