How do I use tea tree oil for scars?

Tea tree oil is often sold in small bottles.

Using tea tree oil for scars is relatively popular in the health and beauty world. The leaves of an Australian tree provide the oil that can be used to slowly treat scars on human skin and can also be used in a face mask. It is important that the oil is diluted before use. As the oil is very strong, only a small amount should be used and it should never be ingested.

Some facial cleansers and other skin care products contain tea tree oil.

The Melaleuca alternafolia tree in Australia produces the leaves from which tea tree oil is derived. Using tea tree oil to treat scars is popular because the oil is known to be antibacterial. This oil has the ability to gradually remove scars, including acne and surgical scars, making them much less apparent.

One of the best ways to use tea tree oil for scars is to use soap made with the oil twice a day. You should always use warm water with the oil and gently dry the scarred area. Correct use of the oil can help reduce acne scars as well as treat existing skin problems.

Some believe that tea tree oil can help prevent acne scarring.

When using tea tree oil on scars, remember that it is extremely potent and must be diluted. Never use the oil without diluting it first and avoid drinking the oil at all costs. Create a mixture of tea tree oil and warm water with at least 25% oil and 75% water. If it feels too strong, you can dilute the oil even more with more water. If you have sensitive skin, it may be better to replace the water with aloe vera for a more pleasant sensation.

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You can use tea tree oil for scars in a number of different ways. For example, you can choose to create a face mask using oil and some clay. After applying the mixture to your face, it is best to leave it on for at least 30 minutes before washing it off.

While using tea tree oil produces few or no side effects, it is important to know more about the product before using it. As the oil is extremely strong, you should always apply a small amount initially as a proof. There is always the possibility that your skin will react badly to the oil. By using a small amount, you are minimizing any side effects that may appear.

Keep in mind that your skin will burn a little after the first dose of tea tree oil, but this is natural as it is just the oil that starts the process of killing bacteria. It is advisable to stop using tea tree oil for scars if you still feel the burning sensation after several applications.

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