How do I use tea tree oil for fleas?

Tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil used in aromatherapy and alternative medicine, and is very popular for warding off fleas and various other insects and pests. Due to its invasive and very strong aroma, it is said to help eliminate fleas quite easily, creating an uninhabitable environment. As the oil can be dangerous to use around some small animals, especially cats, it is best to use tea tree oil for fleas and other pests with care. Most holistic or natural veterinarians advise using a very low concentration around animals, applying limited amounts in well-protected areas.

An alternative to tea tree oil may be a better option for cats.

Using tea tree oil to treat pests is quite common in natural and holistic circles as it helps the pet owner to reduce the chemicals their animals are exposed to. As the oil contains a strong aroma, the odor is said to help drive fleas away from an animal’s fur, as well as reduce the number of fleas in the surrounding area. Most tea tree oil for treating fleas may contain other natural oils such as cinnamon or nutmeg, contributing to a more offensive aroma. Many natural pet products that contain this oil often have a spray nozzle, designed to spray the oil mixture around the house and onto the skin.

A veterinarian can help a person decide the best flea treatment for their pets.

Using a small amount of oil and rubbing it into an animal’s fur is usually done to get rid of the animal’s own fleas, not the surrounding area. It’s still a good idea to sprinkle tea tree oil all over the house or at the source of the problem. It is also possible to rub a small amount of tea tree oil on a collar, creating a flea collar, rather than rubbing it into the pet’s fur. It’s not a good idea to spray oil around pet food or anything that can be consumed by animals and humans.

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Tea tree oil can be effective in repelling fleas, which are tiny insects that bite and suck the blood of humans and animals.

Experts often suggest that using tea tree oil for fleas is not a good idea, as oil in moderate to high levels can be very dangerous for cats and other small animals. Using tea tree oil diluted to a concentration of 1% or less is best for preventing nausea or serious illness. When spraying the oil on dogs or large animals, use it sparingly to avoid increasing the level of exposure. It may be preferable to find an alternative to flea prevention on cats and other animals, and speaking with a qualified veterinarian can help determine a non-toxic, healthier way to treat fleas on these animals.

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