How Do I Treat Cat Eye Infections?

If your cat has an eye infection, see a veterinarian.

There are several ways to treat cat eye infections, although the best course of action may be determined by the type of infection you are dealing with. Various viruses, allergens, and bacteria can cause feline conjunctivitis, a type of infection. Antibiotics, homeopathic remedies and topical medications are options you should consider when treating your cat.

Topical medications can be helpful in treating cat eye infections.

If you suspect your cat or kitten has an eye infection, you should see a veterinarian to be sure. This is important even if you intend to treat the infection with natural remedies, because in some cases another illness may be responsible for the symptoms. Signs of infection can include eye discharge, inflammation, squint, redness, cloudiness, and a dull color in the iris. In some cases, sneezing and additional symptoms of a more widespread infection may also occur.

The most common way to treat cat eye infections is by using topical antibiotics.

The most common way to treat cat eye infections is by using topical antibiotics. To choose the right type of medication, your veterinarian will need to test the fluid inside the eye to determine the type of pathogen causing the infection. Some infections may not respond well to antibiotics as they only kill bacteria but have no impact on viruses or allergens.

Holistic or homeopathic remedies can also help treat cat eye infections. This can include tonics made from rosemary, burdock and other natural ingredients. Sometimes additional immune boosting supplements may also be given to allow your cat’s body to fight infections naturally. Sometimes they are applied directly to the eye, while in other cases they are taken orally for the well-being of the whole body.

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If you suspect something may have hit your cat’s eye, it’s a good idea to check with your vet. Infections that do not respond well to treatment should also be investigated in more detail. If there are additional symptoms, such as sneezing or wheezing, your cat may have another health issue.

Sometimes, you may not even need to treat cat eye infections. In many cases, they go away on their own, although they can occasionally occur. Eye infections are quite common in felines because many of them are caused by a naturally occurring pathogen on a cat’s skin. If your cat appears to be suffering from additional symptoms, medication may be needed to treat the underlying condition as well as the infected eye.

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