How do I remove wax from carpet? (with photos)

Candle wax can be removed with ice cubes.

Carpet consists of small absorbent fibers and most are relatively easy to clean. A wax spill, however, quickly hardens from a molten liquid to an oily solid mass that clings tightly to the rug’s fibers. To completely remove wax from the carpet, you need to act quickly to scrape and vacuum out any large, hardened clumps. A hot iron and an absorbent brown paper bag or paper towel will soak up any leftovers. To avoid tearing or staining the carpet, use low heat and treat it carefully.

things you need

Quickly gather the following tools:

Butter knife or spatula Ice cubes in a plastic bag Vacuum Iron or hair dryer Brown paper bag or paper towel Carpet stain cleaner

Steps to remove wax

Laundry detergent can be helpful in removing wax from the carpet.

Scrape off the larger, dry pieces of hardened wax with the butter knife or spatula. These tools work fine, but you can use anything with a clean, blunt blade to remove as much of the hardened wax as possible. When scraping, be careful not to cut the fibers or you will damage the carpet. If the wax is still soft, use ice to harden it so you can scrape it off. Use vacuum to remove any debris.

Using a hair dryer on the hottest setting can help remove wax from the carpet.

Place a clean (unprinted) paper bag or paper towel over the wax. Place the iron in a warm position – not hot – with the steam off. Run the hot iron over the cloth until the wax melts. A hair dryer set to the hottest setting can also be used to remove wax from the carpet.

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Once the wax melts, it will stick to the bag or towel. As you lift the paper, the wax will go with it. Repeat this step with a new paper towel or bag to completely remove any leftover carpet.

things to consider

A paper bag, which can be used to absorb carpet stains.

Never turn the iron on too hot. If the wax is colored, the heat can cause the paint to stain your carpet. A rug made with synthetic fibers can also melt under a hot iron, creating an even bigger mess. Avoid touching the carpet directly with the iron as well, as this can leave scorch marks.

Use only a clean paper bag, paper towel or absorbent cloth, free of paint or stains. Do not use newspapers or other materials printed with ink, as the ink can transfer to the carpet with the heat of the iron.

stain treatment

Ice can be used to harden the wax and remove it from the carpet.

If colored wax stains the carpet, dampen a clean, dry cloth with a commercial stain cleaner or dry-cleaning solvent. Follow the instructions on the product label; will usually tell you to gently clean the stain with the cloth, being careful not to over-saturate the section. To make sure it won’t discolor or damage your carpet, try testing the cleaner in an inconspicuous area, such as a corner behind a door.

Paper towels can help absorb carpet wax.

If you prefer to use an alternative natural carpet stain remover, try one of the following household products: mild laundry detergent, mild dishwasher detergent, laundry stain remover, vinegar or denatured alcohol. As with commercial stain remover, test an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet before removing the paint. Avoid using chemicals on natural fiber carpets such as cotton, sisal or wool.

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