How do I relieve hand cramps?

Using an exercise machine can help relieve cramps.

Several approaches can be used to relieve hand cramps and to prevent or reduce the occurrence of hand cramps. If hand cramps become extremely frequent or severe, a doctor should be consulted, as cramps can be a sign of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Patients should also be aware that certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs, can cause cramping, in which case they should be discussed with a doctor along with other side effects.

Typing can cause hand cramps.

If hand cramps are induced by an activity, the best thing to do is stop to allow the muscle to relax. Sometimes hand cramps occur randomly and with no apparent cause; in this case, they are usually caused by activities that have occurred before or by holding hands in uncomfortable positions. Assuming your hands don’t hurt too much to touch, gentle stretching can relieve cramps, as can flexing and moving your fingers. Light massages on hot spots can also help with hand cramps.

Aspirin may be helpful in relieving hand cramps.

Some people find that using a warm soak or hot compress can relieve hand cramps. The heat tends to encourage the muscles to relax, allowing the cramps to stop. The heat can also make it easier to massage and stretch your hand to deal with cramping. Taking muscle relaxers or pain relievers such as aspirin can also help people deal with cramping.

In some cases, cramps can be relieved with the use of a hand brace or anti-stress ball. These tools are gently pressed into the hand to encourage the muscles to tense and relax, with the aim of resolving the cramp. Hand exercise equipment can also be used routinely to reduce the incidence of cramps, especially in people who regularly perform tasks that strain their hands.

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Arthritis can cause hand cramps.

Some preventative approaches for hand cramps include using splints and supports during exercise and other activities, or while sleeping, along with flexing and straightening your hands regularly. Typists, musicians, and others who use their hands a lot should remember to take breaks every hour to stretch and shake them to reduce cramping and repetitive stress injuries. It is also important to keep your hands in safe positions when working on intensive tasks.

People who experience hand cramps caused by arthritis, medications, and neurological problems should see a doctor to discuss treatment options. Special medications and exercises can help relieve cramping.

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