How do I prepare green coffee?

Roasted coffee beans.

The preparation of green coffee requires that the beans, which are raw, are first roasted to reduce the acidity that would otherwise impart a bitter taste. The roasting process is relatively simple and can be carried out using specially designed appliances. The final product will depend on the precision with which the steps are followed and the quality of the green beans.

To prepare green coffee, you must have unroasted coffee beans on hand.

The beans must be roasted over high heat. It is important to stir the beans almost constantly. If they sit still for a while, they will burn and the coffee will be unpalatable. During roasting, a considerable amount of smoke will be generated and will need to be vented.

The fluid air bed method is the simplest method for home cooks, but it requires the purchase of an expensive fluid air bed roasting machine. The machine adjusts the temperature and automatically keeps the roasting beans moving. Liquid air bed machines manage the ventilation and dispose of the messy straw that the beans drop in roasting.

Green coffee beans are the raw beans.

For those who prefer a more economical approach, a stovetop popcorn machine is a good alternative. Constant rotation of the beans by turning the machine’s crank allows for more uniform roasting than other stovetop methods. With the method, green coffee beans roast in about 10 minutes, so rotating the popper steadily won’t overwhelm the cook.

A convection oven is another option for those who have one. The beans take about 20 minutes to bake in convection ovens. They should be placed in a single layer on a perforated baking sheet; the beans need to be pounded a few times during the process.

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While it may be easier to buy roasted beans, these beans will retain their optimal flavor for less than a week. Green coffee beans are easy to transport and can be stored for a long time without losing quality. For true coffee aficionados, home roasting is worth the effort for the exceptional flavor offered by freshly roasted beans. Plus, the natural sugar in green coffee beans caramelizes during roasting and contributes subtle, rich layers of flavor.

Unroasted beans can be stored for up to a year in two ways. For those who have vacuum sealing equipment, packaged and sealed green coffee beans can be kept at room temperature for a year or more. Alternatively, green beans can also be stored in cotton bags in a dark cupboard for nine months to a year.

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