How do I prepare for a BPO interview?

The candidate must specify experience in different types of BPO during a BPO interview.

To prepare well for a BPO interview, someone who is working in a career involving business process outsourcing must combine an in-depth knowledge of industry conventions and relative skills with excellent interview preparation techniques. Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is a specific type of business-to-business phenomenon, and those who display many of the relevant skills and have the right kind of experience are desirable candidates for these roles. The job seeker should prepare a clear and relevant resume as well as good verbal speech related to skills, experience and qualifications for the BPO related job.

A wide variety of general interview practice tips also apply to a BPO interview.

When demonstrating BPO-related skills and experience, it is helpful to have an advanced knowledge of expertise in this area. For example, in a BPO interview, try to distinguish between the types of projects that involve domestic BPO, or outsourcing within a country, from other projects in international BPO, where a wide range of additional factors present themselves. Those who wish to work in an international BPO must demonstrate skill in dealing with cross-cultural business connections during the BPO interview and try to match the questions that are asked.

Another good step in specializing a BPO sales pitch is to specify experience in different types of BPO. General BPO involves outsourcing any factor in business operations. Many of the more generic types of BPO involve creating call centers to handle mundane aspects of customer relationships that don’t involve a lot of technical expertise or complexity. Other types of BPO, such as knowledge process outsourcing, or KPO, are related to outsourcing very technical functions. It is in the candidate’s best interest to define them differently and appeal to positions related to one or the other where a BPO interview can be guided either way.

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A wide variety of general interview practice tips also apply to a BPO interview. This includes anticipating questions that are specific to B2B practices. The candidate should also know how to ask the right questions of a potential employer and should do some research about the company before the interview. Finding good offhand answers to more complex scenario-based questions is another good way to prepare. The more general knowledge of BPO a candidate has, the better they will perform in any BPO interview.

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