How do I organize a cutlery drawer?


One of the simplest ways to organize a cutlery drawer is to purchase a drawer organizer designed for that purpose. This usually includes five or six individual vertical sections, separated by dividers, in which different types and sizes of cutlery can be placed. It can also feature a larger horizontal tray at the bottom or top for storing larger items such as serving forks. If you prefer not to purchase this type of cutlery organizer, you can split the cutlery drawer yourself, making individual slots, although this requires a little do-it-yourself know-how.

Generally, a cutlery drawer organizer will have five sections because this corresponds to the common number of different types of cutlery. It doesn’t matter what order you put the cutlery in. Many people start with butter knives on the left side, followed by forks and spoons. Placing dessert forks next to large forks and teaspoons next to soup spoons is often the preferred method of organization because they are easily and logically organized once you open the drawer. Ensuring that each piece of cutlery has a designated space will also make it easier to store clean dishes instead of simply having a pile of cutlery in the drawer.

Some kitchens will have built-in cutlery drawer dividers, so you won’t need to buy a separate organizer. They can take up the entire length of the drawer and are useful for storing larger items such as spatulas, larger knives, or serving utensils. If the kitchen doesn’t have this, some people choose to build their own, cutting pieces of wood to fit in the drawer. Instructions can be found online, but this is a fairly simple do-it-yourself project. For a temporary solution, the cardboard boxes that come with the cutlery often feature appropriately sized dividers and usually fit neatly into a standard drawer.

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If you find that all the cutlery and kitchen utensils you own don’t fit in the cutlery drawer, it might be a good time to rummage through your items and get rid of any old or broken things, or tools you never use, no matter how convenient. they may seem. Some people also find that taking larger items out of a cutlery drawer can help make the drawer easier to organize. A bowl to store spatulas and ladles can come in handy for the counter, as well as a knife block to keep larger knives safe and out of the way.

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