How do I make soy sauce?

Soy sauce.

You can learn to make soy sauce at home instead of buying the store-bought kind. To do this, you will usually only need a few basic ingredients, including soy, flour, water and salt. Making soy sauce is usually a long process. This will take at least a few weeks and may take a few months. The long waiting time from preparation to consumption allows the soy sauce to ferment properly.

Soy beans.

To make soy sauce, you will usually have to start with the soy beans, which make up the body of the soy sauce. You can start by boiling the soybeans until they are soft and then removing them from their pods. At this point, chop the soybeans into small pieces and place them in a bowl with enough space for the addition of flour.

The next step in making the soy sauce is to put flour in the soy bowl. You will need to mix the soy and flour together until they seem to be well combined. Place the mixture on a flat surface and knead until it forms a dough. Finally, you will need to form a cylindrical shape with the dough and slice the shape into small disks.

Making homemade soy sauce will require paper towels.

To complete the preparation of the soy sauce, you will have to add the mold, which is necessary for the fermentation process. You can grow your own mold to use in making soy sauce by dampening some paper towels with water and placing them on a flat surface. Then you can place the cut pieces of soy dough and flour on top of the paper towels and cover them with more moistened paper towels. To allow the mold to form, you will need to let this dough set, wrapped in plastic wrap, until the paper towels are well covered with mold.

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Certain types of fungi are needed to process fermented soy sauce.

After the paper towels become moldy, remove the plastic wrap and place the soy dough on a plate or tray in the sun. They will need to stay there until they are dry and brown. Then place the dough discs in a pan with one part salt and 16 parts water and cover, allowing the liquid to settle until the dough discs dissolve. This can require weeks or months of waiting, and you will usually have to stir the pan daily. When the dough dissolves, you can strain the soy sauce and transfer it to bottles.

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