How do I make a simple Indian curry?

Coriander is often used to flavor curry.

Indian curries are traditional Indian dishes with almost endless variations. The mixture of vegetables or meat and spices is flavorful and unusual, like a very spicy stew or thick sauce. Despite the complicated ingredients, a simple curry is easy to make and is sure to please everyone, very different from lunch and dinner staples.

Chickpeas are often included in Indian curry.

For a basic curry, choose what you want to be the main component of the dish. For an extremely quick version, use one or two bags of frozen veggies or stir-fry mix. Chicken, lamb and fish are common ingredients, as are vegetables like potatoes, peas, chickpeas, spinach and okra. Choose your favorite vegetables and meats for the dish; curry flavors combine well with most of the basic ingredients.

Curry powder.

A simple Indian curry requires small amounts of some spices that you may not have on hand, so be prepared to visit a supermarket with bulk spices or an Indian food store. Most curries use a variety of spices, including turmeric, coriander, cumin, curry powder, and a spice blend called garam masala. You can also add fresh ginger and garlic and some hot peppers.

Peas are a common ingredient in Indian curries.

To make the dish, heat the oil in a large wok or skillet. Add two or three chopped onions and stir with the cumin and ginger until soft and translucent. Add the garlic and peppers, adding a pinch of each seasoning and stirring until the garlic begins to brown. At this point, add some medium-sized tomatoes that have been chopped and seasoned. It’s important to get most of the liquid out of the tomatoes before adding them, as this will dilute the sauce. Once the mixture has thickened, add the vegetables or meat ingredients and continue to stir until the desired temperature and thickness is reached.

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Curry seasonings often include ground coriander.

If the curry is too watery, increase the heat a little and let it continue to cook, as the more water will evaporate the longer you let it cook. On the other hand, if the sauce is too thick, add another tomato, and the additional moisture will help even out the sauce. Adding more tomatoes can also help if you’ve made the curry too spicy, as the water and mild flavor will help balance the heat of the dish.

Garlic is often used to make curry.

You can easily prepare the sauce and store it in the freezer in an airtight container. Just add everything except the final veggies and meat, and you have an all-purpose mix to use anytime. As you experiment more with Indian curry, you will begin to understand the amounts and interdependence of the ingredients and learn to adjust the flavors to your preferences.

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