How do I get rid of mice in the attic? (with photos)

Mouse poison blocks.

There are a common series of basic steps that experts recommend for dealing with rats in the attic. The first step is to discover the rat’s entryway and prevent its entry, which may even have the professional help of an exterminator. Once you’re done, you’ll need to deal with the mice left inside. There are many different ways to do this, and the choice of your own method will depend on your moral stances and other issues. After the rats are gone, many experts recommend taking extra steps to clean around your property and inside the attic so that other rats aren’t attracted to the smell of the rats that used to live there.

A brown mouse.

The reason why it is common to find rats in the attic is because of a particular breed of rat called the roof rat or black rat. These animals like to live in trees and are prone to climbing. Living in an attic comes relatively naturally to them and has some perks, including access to human food, protection from predation, and protection from the weather. Roof rats are very common in hot areas and are especially known to cause problems in the southeastern part of the United States.

The type of extermination method used to deal with attic rats often varies depending on your belief system. Some people are very picky about any kind of harm to animals and may choose to use non-deadly traps that capture the mice alive. These rats are usually transported to the forest and released. According to experts, this method can work very well.

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There are also other methods such as poisoning and instant traps, along with some more exotic solutions. Poisoning can be effective, but rats that rot in a person’s attic can produce an unpleasant smell, and many people believe the poisons are inhumane. Instant traps are probably the most popular technique because they kill mice instantly and allow the person to dispose of the corpse easily. Most experts recommend instant traps as the most effective method of dealing with rats for those planning to exterminate them rather than releasing them alive.

Common advice among experts for dealing with attic rats is to beware of reinvention. Mice have a great sense of smell and roof mice tend to cluster in large groups. It is very possible that your roof will have a subtle rat smell even after the rat problem is resolved, so it is advisable to clean it very well to remove any rat residue.

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