How do I get .NET certification?

An individual must pass the exams to obtain their chosen .NET certification.

The .NET certification is a credential that a developer or information technology (IT) specialist can pursue in an effort to demonstrate their skill and gain more employment opportunities. An individual seeking a .NET certification must pass the exams to obtain their chosen .NET certification. The candidate can choose one of the exams he will take, which is known as an elective exam. There is a fee for certification exams and an individual interested in certification can visit to find a testing center in their area.

A person interested in .NET certification may have several options available, including the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification or the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) certification. Both demonstrate skills within the .NET framework. The MCSD is intended for those who wish to demonstrate their skill in designing and implementing enterprise solutions that employ Microsoft products. MCAD is for those who develop applications, web clients and desktop clients, as well as those who work with a team of enterprise application developers. Individuals who opt for the MCSD certification may have broader knowledge and skills than those opting for the MCAD.

To obtain the MCSD .NET certification, a person must pass five exams. Exams cover web application development, Windows application development, web services and server components, solution architecture, and an elective. Those seeking certification can choose the elective exam of their choice.

A person who decides to pursue MCAD .NET certification usually needs to pass three exams to earn their credential. He will have to pass a web application development exam or a Windows application development exam. He will also have to pass an exam that covers not just web services but server components as well. In addition, a person seeking this certification must take an elective exam to obtain the .NET certification. Exams do not need to be taken in a specific order.

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It is important to note that Microsoft may withdraw its exams but still offer certification. Basically, this means that a person who has already passed an expired exam can use it to obtain their credential. However, if someone did not take an exam before he retired, he will not be able to complete the specific certification that requires it. An individual can find .NET certification exam information and exam retirement details on

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