How do I create a marketing mix report?

Detailed marketing mix reports can increase customer satisfaction because they help executives understand what services or products may be in demand.

Creating a marketing mix report often includes research, compilation, formatting, and presentation. Companies with a focused and sustainable marketing mix typically improve sales of goods and services, while gaining and retaining customers and increasing customer satisfaction. The research that goes into a marketing mix report can range from competitor analyzes to customer surveys and focus groups. A good marketing mix depends on knowing what current customers appreciate and want to change, as well as what competitors are doing to attract or retain customers.

Product review is also a big part of putting together a marketing mix. Some goods and services are best promoted by visual demonstrations. This could include television ads, videos or supermarket giveaways in the marketing mix. Other products can also benefit from less expensive marketing strategies, such as radio ads or newspaper coupons.

Compiling a marketing mix report typically requires sorting information by category, priority, and relevance. The first section is often a definition of the marketing mix and its importance to market share and positioning. The following sections often include a discussion of price, product, location, and promotion, concepts known as the Four Ps. Knowing what competitors are offering, what their market share is, and what their shortcomings are is also a critical part of marketing mix analysis. Companies can change their marketing strategies if they know their competitors’ current and proposed price lists, the quality of products or services, and customer satisfaction ratings.

The correct way to format a marketing mix report largely depends on who the report is being presented to. Small businesses can request a more informal and easy-to-follow step-by-step review, while large corporations can request a formal report as per company specifications. No matter what style you prefer, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation are usually required. A table of contents, index, and glossary are helpful items to include. Dividing chapters into small, easy-to-digest sections and using bullets and numbering systems also help audiences navigate a marketing mix report.

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A marketing mix report can be linked in a number of ways. Informal reports can be stapled in the upper left corner if they are not too bulky, or placed in a brad-lock binder or small binder. Larger, more formal reports can be bound as a soft or hardcover book.

If an e-marketing mix report is requested, it can be emailed, downloaded, or posted on a website for review. It is generally advisable to turn a document created with word processing software into a portable document file (PDF) before attaching to an email or uploading to a website.

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