How do I clear clogged pores?

A woman using a sauna to clean her pores.

There are several ways to clear clogged pores, some of them better than others. The best time to clear clogged pores is after a long hot shower. The heat, water and steam help to smooth the skin and allow the pores to open. Also, by washing your face and hands thoroughly in the shower, dirt or bacteria are unlikely to get into your pores during the cleaning process.

A pore refining cleanser can be used to minimize pores.

Other ways to prep your skin include taking a long, hot shower, sitting in a sauna for ten to 15 minutes, or steaming your face. The face can be steamed by filling a sink with very hot water. Hold your face just a few inches from the surface of the water and place a towel over the back of your head. This will keep all the steam in a semi-closed area around your face. This method can be painful for people with back or neck problems.

Astringents made with witch hazel can be used to clear clogged pores.

Once the skin has been cleaned and steamed, it must be disinfected. This can be done by applying an astringent made with isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel, or tea tree oil all over the face except the area around the eyes and lips. Once this is done, there are three products that can be used to help clear clogged pores. The options are a cleansing mask, an exfoliator, or a pore strip.

Using an exfoliator can help clear your pores.

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A cleansing mask helps remove dirt and excess oil from your pores. Typically, the mask needs to dry, which can be difficult in a steamy bathroom. Relaxing in bed or on the couch is a great way to wait while the mask does its work. When the mask dries, it is removed from the face or washed off.

A pore strip is a lot like a peel-off mask, except instead of being a gel or liquid, it’s placed on the skin like a damp piece of paper. The pore strips clean clogged pores by adhering to dirt and oil in the pores and pulling them out when the strip dries. These strips are usually formed to clear clogged pores in specific areas such as the forehead, nose and chin.

A scrub is a product that contains a harsh substance, such as salt, sugar, or ground fruit pits. When rubbed into the face with warm water, the product helps to remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores.

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