How do I clean modal fabric? (with photos)

A collar in modal fabric.

Modal fabric should be cleaned carefully to avoid damage and help the fabric stay flexible and colorfast. When properly cared for, this fabric is highly durable. Care guidelines may vary between manufacturers and finished products, and if in doubt, consult the care label of a garment or fabric product, if available.

This fabric is made from cellulose that is subjected to a series of chemical processes and then spun. It is very resistant and flexible, with a known durability that allows it to retain its shine through several washes. Modal fabric is also colorfast and can be used for a variety of things from underwear to dresses.

A close-up of modal fabric.

Some modal fabric items are delicate and should be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent, wrapped in a towel to squeeze out the water, and then dried in the shade. More robust items can be washed on a gentle cycle with cold water, then tumble dried on a short cycle or placed to dry. Modal must not be washed or dried over high heat or subjected to bleach and other aggressive cleaning products.

Some modal fabric items are delicate and must be hand washed.

If small stains appear on the modal fabric, it may be possible to remove them by hand rubbing and a mild detergent. The fabric should not be soaked or rubbed vigorously to remove stains. The sooner the stain is treated, the better; When a stain is new, rinsing with cold water can sometimes rinse the stain, especially if a mild detergent is added to encourage the stain to dissipate. If the fabric becomes wrinkled, it can be ironed at a low temperature. Glossless fabric can benefit from ironing to restore shine by smoothing individual fibers.

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Some modal fabrics may need to be cleaned with neutral detergents to avoid ruining clothes.

To prevent wrinkling during travel, modal garments can be rolled up instead of folded. The roller also tends to take up less space, leaving more room for luggage. Modal garments should not be left on hangers as prolonged hanging can distort the garments and also break some of the fibers, weakening the garment and causing it to lose some of its elasticity. These garments should be stored flat or rolled up to protect the fabric while also preventing wrinkles.

If the fabric care instructions on a modal garment, sheet or other product contain specific or unusual instructions, it is advisable to follow them. Instructions are based on fabric testing and may include allowances for fabric blends and other unusual characteristics of a fabric that may make generic fabric care instructions inappropriate.

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