How do I choose the perfect eyebrow shape?

Shaped eyebrows can complement a face.

Choosing the perfect eyebrow shape depends on the qualities of your natural eyebrows, the shape of your face, the placement of your eyes, and the strength of your facial features. This may seem like a lot to consider, but identifying all these different factors will help you select the most flattering shape for your brows. Some people can freehand define the perfect eyebrow shape, while others use stencils or eyebrow pencils as a guide. If this is your first time shaping your brows, you can consult a professional to create the initial shape and then do a little maintenance to keep them well-groomed.

Professional modeling often helps establish an arc that can then be followed at home.

Some general eyebrow shaping tips are helpful, no matter what your unique shape is. It is usually more flattering for the widest part of the brow to be the inner edge, which should line up with the center of the nostril. From there, the brow should gently narrow and become thinner until it stops above the outer corner of the eye. The highest point of the arch is usually above the edge of the iris, more than halfway up the eyebrow from the inner edge.

Brow threading is a popular technique used to create arched brows.

The first step in choosing the perfect eyebrow shape is determining your face shape. While there are many variations in face shapes, the three basic shapes most relevant to the appearance of eyebrows are rounded, long and square. You will also want to note whether you have a high or low forehead, as this will make a difference when selecting the perfect eyebrow shape.

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An eyebrow pencil can be used to fill in sparse areas on the eyebrows.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a round face, the perfect eyebrow shape will have a prominent arch, which will help elongate the look of your face. The opposite is true for people with long faces, who should choose a shape with a flatter arc to lessen the impact of length. If your face is angular or square, the ideal eyebrow shape will be a hybrid of the two previous shapes. Square faces should have a moderate, rounded arc to minimize possible roughness from angled features. Regardless of face shape, people with higher foreheads should choose more arched brows, while people with low foreheads should choose flatter brows.

The size and shape of a person’s eyebrows can dramatically affect their appearance.

Another important element to consider is how close your eyes are. If your eyes are too close together, the inner edge of your eyebrow can be moved away from your nose. In contrast, if your eyes are too far apart, you can shape the inner edge so that it falls closer to your nose, which will make your eyes appear closer together. Keep in mind that these changes should be very subtle and that going to extremes with any eyebrow shape change can make your face appear frozen in a facial expression.

It is not necessary for the eyebrows to be precisely identical because the face itself is asymmetrical, but they should definitely be close together. Once you’ve selected the perfect eyebrow shape, you can look for a stencil with these same characteristics to help you match each side to the other. If you’re nervous about messing up the entire process, shape your brows for the first time at a salon and then simply tweeze or trim any loose strands as they grow back.

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