How do I Choose the Best Secret Shopper Employment?

Secret shoppers can complete online forms and surveys regarding the quality of a store’s service.

Secret shoppers, also known as mystery shoppers, are undercover contract workers who visit stores, restaurants, and other service sectors. They present themselves as customers to measure the quality of service they receive from companies. Different types of service-oriented industries hire market research firms to determine how well their staff serve customers and clients. The market research company, in turn, hires secret clients to carry out this type of work. When looking for a job as a secret shopper, it’s important to choose a mystery shopping company that offers legitimate job opportunities.

Secret shoppers can focus on how specific products are displayed.

The internet is full of companies that claim to offer people jobs as secret shopper, but not all companies are trustworthy. Many of the ads that seek secret shoppers are merely scams, aiming to steal the hard-earned money of would-be secret shoppers. Smart job seekers will carefully evaluate a mystery shopping company before applying for a hired position. While unscrupulous companies vie for money from would-be mystery shoppers, it is possible to find legitimate places that are hiring.

Secret buyer opportunities can be found in the classifieds section of a newspaper.

Rogue secret shopper companies often require people seeking employment as a secret shopper to pay a membership fee to gain access to secret shopper jobs on a website. In reality, it is not necessary to pay a fee to work as a secret shopper. Searching the internet for free listings of companies looking for mystery shoppers is the best way to find a job as a secret shopper.

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Most honest secret shopping companies accept online applications for free.

For example, visiting the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) at is an online source that provides a list of companies that hire secret shoppers. Purchasing books on mystery shopping or checking books on secret purchases at the library can also give you information about legitimate companies that hire secret shoppers. Most honest secret shopping companies accept online applications for free. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the web-based application and submit it.

Secret shoppers can impersonate restaurant customers to gauge the quality of food and service.

When looking for secret shopper jobs, avoid companies that send emails asking for mystery shoppers or place ads in the classifieds section of the newspaper. Legitimate secret shopper companies do not send unsolicited emails to people’s inboxes or run ads in the local paper. Since many candidates apply to their companies, they do not need to actively recruit more workers.

Fraudulent mystery shopper companies may offer paying members certification as secret shoppers or guaranteed field work. They can promise to connect the candidate with companies that are currently looking for new mystery shoppers. All of these methods are red flags for the savvy consumer who is looking for a job as a secret shopper.

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