How do I choose the best product labeling and packaging?

Cardboard packages.

Selling any kind of product can be competitive and there are two things that will almost always be very important to your success. The first is to have a good quality product so you get repeat buyers as well as word of mouth sales as satisfied customers tell their friends. Just as important, especially for attracting buyers to your product and away from the competition, is that you have the best product labeling and packaging possible. Look for packaging and labels that protect your product and still display it in the best possible light.

Pills in blister packaging.

The exact type of product labeling and packaging you choose will largely depend on the nature of your product. Small, expensive items that can be easily hidden by a thief, such as cell phones or other portable electronics, are likely to do well in packaging that allows the item to be seen clearly, but is large enough to protect and make it difficult for put in your pocket or purse. The product label can be designed to fit the packaging around the item, but not cover any part of it, drawing attention to the product rather than distracting it.

Some items that can be easily crafted by a thief may benefit from larger packaging.

Inexpensive items, especially those where the buyer buys many of the same item in a single package, can be packaged in small boxes or in small clear tubes or bags. Customers do not necessarily need to see the item they are purchasing, but both the product labeling and packaging must be appropriate for the product being sold. Choose labels that clearly identify what the product is about, but you don’t need much decoration or explanation for such items.

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Consider consumer needs when designing product labeling and packaging to increase the appeal of your product. If the package is to contain an item that the consumer will need to access repeatedly, the container must be resealed, such as zip-lock plastic bags with the label printed directly on them. Items to be moved must be in convenient sized and easily transportable packages. Anything that may not be safe for children must be in child-proof packaging and the labeling must clearly warn customers of the potential danger.

Another consideration in choosing the best product labeling and packaging is the cost of packaging. It must be affordable and reasonably priced compared to the cost of the item contained within it. Low-cost items can be packaged in relatively simple containers with clear but straightforward labels. Higher priced items should normally be placed in packaging that is attractive, as the product is likely to be in competition with other similar items. It is often worth the extra expense to use custom product labeling and packaging for more sophisticated end items.

If you have a very small business or a tight budget, it is usually best to look for a supplier who can provide you with generic items that you can use in your merchandise. Many labels can be printed using laser or inkjet printers, allowing you to do most of the design work yourself. If you have a substantial budget for your product’s labeling and packaging needs, look for a supplier who can also help you customize packaging. Custom labels can be printed in large quantities at a much lower cost than if you had to do them yourself, resulting in a lower overall cost but a higher initial investment.

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